White Paper

Advanced Health Care Analytics: A Practical Model

The health care industry is undergoing a transformation in quality, cost and accessibility. And business models are adapting slowly. Even though policymakers, payers and providers are beginning to collaborate around new service and payment models, fee-for-service is the dominant payment model in many markets. As the industry grapples with transitioning to the new payment models, it is dealing with day-to-day realities in using clinical and financial data to make truly information-based decisions.

SAS invited health care executives and physician leaders to meet and discuss perspec­tives on how to create a foundation for enterprise analytics in health care delivery organizations. This group, the Strategic Advisory Council, consists of participants from some of the nation’s largest and most sophisticated companies. This paper, based on insights from that meeting, delves into the challenges and opportunities facing health systems, as well as priorities for achieving real data-driven improvements. It proposes transitioning to a new model based on advanced analytics, Hadoop and in-memory processing.