SAS® Training Points Guidelines

These Guidelines apply to SAS Training Points.

  1. Redeeming Training Points

    1.1 Eligible Uses. Customer may redeem Training Points to (a) register employees for public, live web or on-site courses; (b) pay SAS e-Learning or SAS Learning Subscription fees; (c) purchase virtual lab time or certification exam vouchers; (d) pay SAS training center rental fees; or (e) register for selected conferences; (collectively “Eligible Training”). Class and conference sizes are limited, and space is not guaranteed. Unless approved by SAS, Customer may use: (a) SAS Training Points only for Eligible Trainings related to SAS software; and (b) JMP Training Points only for Eligible Trainings related to JMP software.

    1.2 Quantity. The number of Training Points required for each Eligible Training varies by country.

    1.3 Customer Representative. Customer will designate a representative to manage its Training Points account, authorize employee registrations, and coordinate the purchase of any products or services using Training Points.

    1.4 Training Points Account. SAS will issue an account number to Customer’s representative upon receipt of the Order Form for the purchase of Training Points. Customer may begin using Training Points when it receives an account number.

    1.5 Expiration. Training Points expire twelve (12) months following purchase.

  2. Taxes; Discounts; Expenses

    2.1 Taxes. Customer is responsible for any applicable taxes, except for taxes based on SAS' income. Fees do not include taxes. SAS will use reasonable efforts to include applicable taxes on SAS’ invoice. Customer will self-assess and pay any VAT, GST or sales tax applicable to Customer’s use of the Training Points outside of the US and not included on SAS’ invoice. Additional taxes may apply for Training Points redeemed outside of the country where they are purchased.

    2.2 Discounts. Any discount applicable to Training Points purchased from one SAS entity but redeemed with another SAS entity is capped at ten percent (10%). No other discounts apply.

    2.3 Expenses. For on-site courses, SAS’ travel expenses are additional. Expenses include roundtrip coach airfare; rental car (including gas) or local transportation, hotel, and per diem meals.

  3. Cancellation Policy

    3.1 Cancellation by SAS. SAS may cancel or reschedule Eligible Trainings at its discretion. In such event, SAS will reinstate the applicable Training Points to Customer’s account. SAS is not responsible for any resulting airline or hotel penalties incurred by Customer. SAS reserves the right to deny training to any party prohibited by United States export laws or other applicable law.

    3.2 Customer Cancellation of Public Courses. Customer must contact SAS in writing to cancel participation in a public course. SAS will reinstate 100% of the applicable Training Points to Customer’s account if SAS receives such written cancellation at least ten (10) days prior to the scheduled start of a public course. SAS will not reinstate Training Points for cancellations received less than (10) days prior to the scheduled start of a public course.

    Customer may substitute its attendees at any time prior to the start of a public course.

    SAS allows course transfers up to 24 hours before a public course start date start and students are allowed one transfer per registration.

    3.3 Customer Cancellation of Onsite and Private Live Web Courses. Customer may cancel or reschedule an on-site course by notifying SAS in writing. SAS will draw down a change fee from Customer’s Training Points account as follows. Customer is also responsible for any non-refundable travel expenses incurred by SAS.

Notice Received By SAS Change Fee (percentage of course fee)
Notice Received By SASAt least 21 days prior to course start dateChange Fee (percentage of course fee)None
Notice Received By SASLess than 21 days prior to course start dateChange Fee (percentage of course fee)50%
Notice Received By SASLess than 10 days prior to course start dayChange Fee (percentage of course fee)100%

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