SAS® New Product Forecasting

Accurate demand forecasts using a patent-pending methodology

Overcome the challenges of forecasting demand for a new product – such as a lack of product history or an uncertain product life cycle – and integrate new product forecasts into your planning process. Our patent-pending structured judgment methodology helps you select candidate analogous products, facilitates the review and clustering of past new product introductions, and generates statistical forecasts. And by using data visualization to study previous new product introductions, you'll gain a better sense of the associated risks and uncertainties.


Develop structured analogies.

Overcome the challenges associated with new product forecasting (NPF) with an approach that combines analogies with sound judgment. As a result, you can better understand the risks, uncertainties and variability in new product behavior, so your organization can make the most appropriate decisions.

Create effective NPF workflows.

Adopt a more structured process that uses data, analytics and domain knowledge to increase forecast accuracy up to 15 percent – and do it faster. In fact, you can create multiple new product forecasts in just hours versus days. And you can integrate workflows with your business hierarchy to develop the most complete review and assessment possible for new product launches.



  • Structured judgment approach. Uses product attributes for prior and new products, along with historical sales, to create analogies.
  • New product forecasting workflow. Provides a systematic workflow that combines data, analytics and domain knowledge.
  • Integration with the SAS for Demand-Driven Planning and Optimization suite. Enables easier collaboration between team members because data moves seamlessly among a tightly integrated technology suite.

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