SAS® Financial Management Features

Dynamic consolidation

  • Bidirectional, dynamic, secure link to the common data repository.
  • On-demand access to actual and planning data.
  • On-demand consolidation for enhanced what-if scenario modeling.

Accounting logic

  • Support for multiple accounting standards and partial ownership consolidations.
  • Manual journal adjustments.
  • Balancing rules.
  • Allocations.
  • Automatic time aggregations (e.g., year to date).
  • Roll forward of retained earnings.
  • Multiple exchange rate sets.
  • Currency translation adjustment for single and multiple accounts.
  • Calculated rates ( e.g., cost per product).
  • Special data dimension classifies and tracks changes to source data from external systems or data entry forms.

Budgeting & planning

  • Rolling forecasts.
  • Driver-based, top-down and bottom-up budgeting.
  • Enterprisewide collaboration.
  • Workflow control.
  • Budget-cycle seeding.
  • Advanced SAS Analytics for intelligent forecasting.
  • Supplementary schedules.

Process management

  • Framework to design, store, and re-use key processes and tasks.
  • Visual monitoring of active process/task status.
  • Ability to schedule key tasks.
  • Alerts.
  • Collaboration.
  • Audit trail and history

Data management

  • Common data model for integration with other SAS solutions.
  • Extraction, transformation and loading from virtually any data source, including ERP systems, RDBMSs and Microsoft Excel.
  • Validation of data while importing and automatic generation of error reports when data importing fails.
  • Checks during data importing for missing dimension values, trial balance debit or credit, and intercompany activity that has been tagged for internal and external trading.

Information delivery

  • Reports created in Microsoft Excel.
  • Shared reports are easily accessed.
  • Automatic notification for key information, such as KPIs.
  • Workflow managed for individual users.
  • Data flow automated, minimizing the time users spend gathering data.