SAS best-in-class in global fraud and anti-money laundering case management, per Aite Group

Overall design, strength of analytics and innovation make SAS Visual Investigator a standout solution among competitors’ offerings, according to the global research and advisory firm

Analytics leader SAS is heralded as best-in-class in Aite Matrix: Case Management to Combat Global Fraud and Money Laundering. A refresh of Aite Group’s 2015 evaluation, the report examines 10 leading vendors’ fraud and anti-money laundering (AML) solutions based on product features and capabilities, client references, and company strength and stability.

The financial services industry wages an ever-escalating war against increasingly sophisticated fraudsters and criminal enterprises. With untold billions on the line and limited resources, financial institutions must make wise technology investments to fight fraud and money laundering while meeting complex regulatory requirements. Against this backdrop, SAS® Visual Investigator emerges as a top pick according to Aite, which lauds the overall design, orchestration adapters, and containerized release approach among the software’s significant differentiators.

Aite’s multidimensional assessment concludes, “SAS eclipsed the other competitors in offering all the features and functionality needed as well as expected in an enterprise case management solution. It is leading-edge on adding capabilities to improve its case management solution and ensuring the products meet [financial institutions’] needs.”

“The fight against financial crime is a never-ending battle, and case management is a weapon that fraud and anti-money laundering department employees use day in and day out,” said Shirley Inscoe, Senior Analyst of Aite Group’s Fraud AML practice, who co-authored the report. “A robust platform with intuitive and easy-to-use navigation tools can foster better performance from analysts and investigators and enable faster and more informed decision making – and SAS delivers just that.”

Aite’s report also spotlights SAS’ streamlined implementation process and scenario management capabilities among the solution’s key strengths, in addition to innovation, strength of analytics and flexibility.                   

“Cloud-ready SAS Visual Investigator delivers to banks and financial institutions the full power of advanced analytics and machine learning to detect fraud and money laundering,” said Stu Bradley, Vice President of Fraud and Security Intelligence at SAS. “Capabilities like data visualization, text and geospatial search and analysis, interactive network building, entity resolution and transaction analysis equip investigative teams to address suspicious activity as it happens. A 360-degree customer view, coupled with embedded analytics, gives investigators a critical edge over the bad guys while also driving operational accuracy and efficiency.”

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Aite Group names SAS best-in-class for financial crimes case management.