Insurer Generali Hellas taps SAS® to speed analytics, unify groups

SAS® Insurance Analytics Architecture supports sales agents, improves internal processes

To sharpen its competitive edge, Greece-based insurance company Generali Hellas needed to expand its networks and create new, versatile and specialized products. Part of Europe's largest insurance group, Generali Hellas harnessed SAS® Insurance Analytics Architecture to generate rapid reports for both its sales network and employees. By integrating in-depth analytics and data management from business analytics leader SAS, the organization can better manage client-agent relationships, product and pricing offers, marketing activities, and overall business strategy. Analyses that once took hours and days now take just seconds or minutes.

"Generali's primary customers are its more than 500 partners and associates – insurance agents, brokers, companies, etc. – that comprise our sales network," said Dionissis Moschonas, Generali's Assistant IT Manager. "We wanted a platform to provide our associates daily, direct Web reports that include up-to-date, accurate analysis concerning their portfolios."

SAS' single-architecture solution provides an integrated business intelligence environment featuring customizable reporting, access to different user segments within the company, access to external partners through the Web, and analytics for the actuarial department.

"Now we can distribute reports throughout our sales network and, more importantly, our people are confident that the data is accurate," said Moschonas. "This will help us to maintain our existing agents while attracting new ones."

SAS Insurance Analytics Architecture's advanced data integration provides significantly faster data analysis, processing and report generation. It also reduces cost of software ownership, training, maintenance and support, while lowering exposure to risk. In addition, SAS will help improve Generali's operational performance, with the ability to optimize requirements, ratemaking and compliance with the European Directive Solvency II as well as internal reporting.

Choosing SAS® for technology leadership, industry expertise

Generali selected SAS based on three critical factors: its insurance industry knowledge, its comprehensive coverage of requirements across the organization, and SAS' leadership in providing technology solutions to the insurance market.

"Before reaching an agreement with SAS, we closely evaluated some of the top vendors in the market," said Moschonas. "SAS not only has excellent technical skills, but the company's knowledge of the insurance sector was invaluable, both in the development phase and also in providing effective business consulting support throughout the project."

"Generali's business strategy is based on long-term relationships, with an emphasis on meeting needs across the organization in a comprehensive and effective manner. This is something that SAS understands and is able to offer."

Of equal importance is SAS' leadership in the insurance market. "The leadership and credibility of SAS is well-documented, as it is the preferred choice of many of the largest insurance companies worldwide," concluded Moschonas.

About Generali Hellas

The Generali Group is the largest European insurance group and second-largest global financial insurance company, with operations in more than 64 countries around the world. Among the 475 subsidiaries comprising the group, Generali Hellas is its representative in the Greek insurance market, with a history of more than 125 years in the country.


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