Henrikki Hervonen
Business Intelligence Specialist

While others view data as ‘the new oil’, Henrikki Hervonen perceives it as ‘the new water’; as new businesses are virtually ‘born’ out of data insight, mature businesses will not survive unless they make full use of it.

Henrikki has 25 years of experience in selling, implementing and training Business Intelligence and Advanced Analytics solutions in Commercial and Governmental organizations. As a Nordic Director for Advisory Services at SAS Institute, he is driven by the importance of teaching organizations about the value analytics can bring to their operations.

His focus areas of expertise in Analytics are IoT analytics, real-time analytics, predictive maintenance, text analytics, demand forecasting and fraud prevention. From the Business Intelligence side he has experience on building management dashboards, data visualization and advanced reporting.

As a speaker, Henrikki likes to focus on real life examples of cases in order to explain the actual business value generated through analytics. He has done so at various forums and as an external lecturer at the Aalto University Business School.

Henrikki is also a co-author of a book ‘Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence’ which is used by number of universities as teaching material.

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Speaker engagements

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