Turning analytics into art. 

Data can be beautiful.

When some people see data, they see numbers and graphs. When we see data, we see potential for something beautiful. Patterns that catch the eye. Stats that tell a story. At SAS Design, we go beyond creating graphics for software – we transform business data into visual masterpieces.

Who We Are

Artists who speak analytics.

At the heart of SAS® technology lies a commitment to design. We make complex concepts easy to understand – and pleasing to the eye. Our designers have:

Skills in both design and technology

Skills in both design and technology

We create the visual elements found in SAS solutions, including SAS Visual Analytics and SAS Visual Statistics.

Backgrounds that break barriers

Backgrounds that break barriers

Because we have to understand how design enhances technology, our team has a variety of skills – from computer science to psychology. We have specialists in UX design, visual design, graphs and components, as well as designers who create custom illustrations.

Patents and awards

Patents and awards

Some of our work has been recognized for VAST Challenge awards. We've also authored several patents.

What We Do

Data is our raw material. Computers are our canvas.

Stop by our design center and you’ll find a relatively small group of people doing big work. We’re always meeting with developers, customers and sales teams to gather ideas – and then we create engaging experiences for SAS enterprise software. Here are a few things that might surprise you about how we work:

We know the latest trends, but don’t necessarily follow them

It’s not because we think we can do better – although sometimes we can. We forge our own path because our work supports SAS products. It’s both beautiful and practical.

We work toward the same goal, but we all approach it differently.

Because our team is composed of different types of designers – from UX designers, to user researchers, to illustrators – we all have something to contribute to a project.

Our designs set SAS® technology apart from everyone else.

SAS software already has a reputation for being innovative, but it’s our job to make it intuitive – and look distinctive.

How We Work

Driven by design. Inspired by innovation.

As designers for enterprise technology solutions, we have to think differently than other designers. We walk a fine line between technology and art, because our work must be practical. That’s why we collaborate with developers and product managers; we have to understand the purpose of SAS technology and expectations of users so we can create experiences that are intuitive to use. Our core principles are:

Focus on the user

We engage with customers through user research and testing in the SAS Usability Lab. It helps us optimize their experiences and maximize their benefit from SAS technology.

Lead with design

Creating compelling visuals and interactions for complex technologies is our primary goal; we’re always thinking about the best ways data can be communicated to users.

Collaboration is key

Not just with SAS developers – we also work closely with our sales team and users. We’re constantly listening to customer and user feedback to fuel innovation.

Best Practices and Tips

Our best practices website, Beautiful Reports, offers tips on how to create a report that’s visually appealing and easy to understand.

Explore Our Space

Welcome to the Design Center

This is where we think, create, discuss and design. Our corner of SAS is a brightly colored space where every wall is adorned with ideas. We also have a usability lab, which helps us gather user feedback and integrate it into our work.