Data-Driven Digital Transformation in Enterprise Manufacturing

Scaling AI in manufacturing with a no-code/low-code approach

Agility is key to success in today’s fast-paced business environment, and that requires organisations to react quickly to change.  Advanced and predictive analytics are the most reliable way to keep ahead of challenges.

Democratising AI at scale is key to moving toward organisational agility, which means making the necessary technology widely available in your organisation and incorporating it into daily operational processes.

In manufacturing terms, this means giving AI techniques and no-code/low-code tools to large engineering communities—to accelerate AI-driven improvements. When data and analytics are universally accessible, everyone is empowered to make faster, better decisions.

By offering an AI, analytic, and data management platform that runs on Microsoft Azure’s modern, scalable architecture, SAS® Viya® on Azure enables organisations to accelerate their AI deployments and finally capture the value at stake within their manufacturing operations. 

The eBook covers the following topics:

  • Democratising AI in the name of agility
  • Achieve meaningful digital transformation
  • Leverage a strategic partnership to easily deploy analytics across your enterprise
  • Moving out of the analytics sandbox
  • The cloud imperative for analytics and AI
  • Make better decisions—faster – with SAS® Viya® on Azure