On-Demand Webinar

Digitalisation: Menace or Opportunity for Fraud Detection?

This webinar reveals how Advanced Analytics and Machine Learning techniques can help banks and payment organisations to detect and prevent fraud faster and more accurately than ever.

About the webinar

With digitalization financial institutions are facing new challenges. Nowadays digital payments can be executed anywhere, anytime, from any device so that the volume of transactions has exploded. 

Having instant access to cash is appealing to the customer, but it is accompanied by uncertainty. Fraud is on the rise, increasing financial loss, raising costs, compromising customer experience and threatening reputational damage.

Effective fraud detection and prevention strategies are needed. SAS is uniquely placed to offer a holistic solution that offers real-time scoring and decisioning capabilities across all transaction types.

Duration: 30 minutes

Why attend?

  • You will learn how to detect fraud faster and at lower cost, protecting your reputation and keeping customer satisfaction high through better management of false positives. 
  • You have the opportunity to interact with SAS experts and asks your questions.

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About the Experts

Sundeep Tengur

Sundeep Tengur is a banking fraud and financial crime specialist within the Global Fraud and Security Intelligence Practice at SAS. He provides guidance on industry best practice, educating prospective clients on various fraud modus operandi and designing end to end solutions to mitigate fraud risks. He is a Certified Financial Crime Specialist (CFCS), with many years of experience in mitigating fraud in retail banking and financial services.

Alex Kwiatkowski 

Alex Kwiatkowski – pronounced K-viat-kov-ski* – articulates and amplifies company strategy and point of view on the future direction of banking to senior executives, partners, media and influencers, along with creating relevant narratives and supporting content for thought-leadership purposes. His laptop screen always has too many tabs open.