Harnessing Generative AI in the Insurance Sector


About the webinar

Generative AI is considered as a game changer for the next decades. This technology is changing the way people work, collaborate and create. In any sector, Generative AI is seen as a disruption, adding its share of opportunities, but also uncertainties.
What are the issues, challenges and constraints facing insurers in adopting such technologies? What are the existing use cases?

In this webinar, we'll look at the possibilities offered by generative AI, its limitations on various insurance-related topics:

  • Improve fraud detection
  • Anticipate and assess risks 
  • Simplify processes 
  • Improve the quality of customer service

We will also take an ethical look at the use of such tools, to understand the moral issues raised by the advent of such technologies.

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About the Experts

Jamie Taylor
Azure Data & AI Specialist – Insurance & Investments, Microsoft

Jamie is an Azure Data & AI Specialist at Microsoft, covering the Insurance & Investments sector. His role involves working with clients to maximise their investments in Data & AI services and he is currently engaged in multiple Generative AI initiatives. Jamie has been focused on Data & Analytics for his entire career, with broad technology and solutions experience across the full Data value chain.


Simone Ranucci Brandimarte
President and co-founder of Italian Insurtech Association (IIA) and Yolo Group

Successful entrepreneur, Simone founded and led numerous companies that are well-established at the international level, including Buongiorno Group, Glamoo, and Goswiff.
In the past, he was a manager at Andersen Consulting (now ACCENTURE). He specialized, in particular, in technological solutions and digital marketing (MarTech) with focus on banking and insurance services.
Since 2017, he is the co-founder of Yolo Group, and currently its President, Yolo purpose is innovating the insurance offer to meet new customer needs and build new protection modes.
He is the president of the DigiTouch Group, Entrepreneur & Co-founder of Multiple Ventures.
Since 2020, he is the co-founder and president of the Italian Insurtech Association.


Iain Brown
Head of Data Science, SAS

Dr. Iain Brown is the Head of Data Science for Northern Europe and Adjunct Professor of Marketing Data Science at University of Southampton. Over the past decade he has worked across all sectors, providing thought leadership on the topics of Risk, AI and Machine Learning and their ethical applications. During his time at SAS he has delivered numerous projects and driven innovation in the fields of AI and the corresponding fields of machine learning, deep learning and natural language understanding.

Alena Tsishchanka
Insurance Leader EMEA/AP, SAS

Alena is a seasoned business development professional with over 15 years of experience in the insurance sector. Currently based in Milan, Italy, she leads the Industry Strategy team for EMEA/AP, overseeing a team of nine industry experts and personally managing the Insurance Business team. With her extensive background and dual university degrees, Alena is well-equipped to bridge the gap between business requirements and AI technology solutions. She has a proven track record of guiding organizations towards efficient and practical technology and process innovations powered by data analytics, helping them overcome market challenges and excel in their customer-centric approach.

Josefin Rosén
Trustworthy AI specialist, SAS

Josefin has for more than 20 years has been involved in AI and advanced analytics. She has been with SAS for almost 12 years providing strategic guidance to organizations across various industries on how to derive insights and value from data using AI. She recently transitioned from her role as the Nordic head of AI into Trustworthy AI specialist with SAS Data Ethics Practice. Trustworthy AI has long been her passion, and she is dedicated to helping organizations implement AI that is reliable, fair, and transparent.