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Take Analytics to the Next Level and Future-Proof Your Organization

Explore how to modernize analytics to accelerate digital transformation


About the webinar

Organizations are facing unprecedented pressure to modernize their use of data and analytics. This is driven by the need to accelerate digital transformation and to streamline operations and business processes with automated decisions.

To do this, they must solve the equation of addressing two conflicting challenges at the same time:

  • Dealing with the technical debt and legacy data infrastructure on one side.
  • Accelerating the agile development of innovative use cases on the other side.

Join this webinar to hear how business and analytics leaders can realize and demonstrate the economic value from their data science investments, and how they can build a future-proof analytics capability.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Apply the five main characteristics of a future-proof, analytics-driven business.
  • Establish key metrics to evaluate the economic value of analytics modernization.
  • Use strategies to fast track your digital transformation with cloud analytics.

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About the Expert

Olivier Penel

Head of Global Advisory, SAS

With a long-lasting obsession for data, Olivier is passionate about data-driven innovation, artificial intelligence and how it relates to bigger questions such as privacy and ethics.

As a thought leader, public speaker and trusted advisor, Olivier enjoys providing strategic guidance to customers to streamline the creation of analytic insight, from data to decision, to operationalize analytics, to maximise the value from AI investments and to accelerate digital transformations.

More information on Olivier Penel please visit this site.