Ask the Expert Webinar Series

How do I Manage and Deploy SAS & Open-Source Models with SAS Viya?


About the webinar

For enterprises, the ability to put models into production at scale is critical to ensure business value is generated. The process which defines the model lifecycle, from when a model is being developed, to production is ModelOps.

The ModelOps process is critical. Different models serve different use-cases and what production looks like varies, at the same time there needs to be a consistent framework such that production can be repeatable, and trusted. 

You’ll learn how to:

  • To develop mission critical models using SAS and open-source
  • How both SAS & open-source models are managed in a centralised model repository
  • How SAS Viya supports model deployment through a variety of different production endpoints

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About the Experts


Jonathan Butow
Snr Systems Engineer

Jonathan is an analytics professional with over 10 years data science experience in the field. Jonathan always likes to keep one step ahead when it comes to technology innovation and works closely with SAS customers. He is a university mentor with a focus on innovation, digital transformation and real time streaming analytics. He has contributed to high-value analytical applications across diverse industries including Energy and Utilities, Fraud and Financial Crimes, and Government.

Yi Jian Ching
Snr Solutions Architect

Yi Jian Ching is a Sr Solutions Architect within the Cloud, Data & Analytics practice at SAS for Asia Pacific. Based in Sydney, Yi Jian is in an advisory role where he helps organizations drive value from their analytics. Yi Jian advises and provides technical expertise on key topics such as ModelOps, Responsible AI, analytics, and machine learning, and decisioning. More broadly, Yi Jian has advised SAS clients across industries from banking and telecom to government agencies across Asia Pacific in ways in which they can operationalize models at scale.

Jeremy Rankcom

Jeremy is a senior manager at SAS with 30 years of experience working with clients to help them transform their data and analytics world to drive actionable insights and better outcomes for their customers. With a career at SAS spanning 26 years, Jeremy has worked with a variety of financial services, commercial and public sector clients both in the UK and Australia and held leadership roles at SAS that have been focused on empowering organisations, through the use of advanced analytics and data visualisation, to make informed decisions that drive the growth of their business.