On-Demand Webinar

How to Battle Fraud
in the Evolving Scam Economy

About the webinar

Change is inevitable. The last few years have materially changed the world we live in, the way organisations, and financial services provide services, how customers utilise those services and how bad actors work to exploit this for their advantage. With such rapid change in an increasingly digital and global world, there has been significant impact on those combatting fraud and financial crime.

In this webinar, Javelin Strategy & Research and SAS will discuss:

  • What the anti-fraud and financial crime community highlighted in the SAS-sponsored Global Digital Fraud Trends, written by Javelin Strategy & Research for the Asia-Pacific region, regarding the recent influences and impacts in our fight.
  • What this means for the future, from digital banking and payments innovation to scams, the role of AI and beyond
  • What future influences and impacts need to be navigated as we fight fraud and work to secure our customers, communities and companies.

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About the Experts

Tracy Kitten
Director Fraud & Security
Javelin Strategy & Research

Tracy Kitten is a recognized fraud and cybersecurity subject matter expert within the financial services community. A veteran journalist who covered fraud, payments, financial technology and cybersecurity for the last 18 years, Tracy has watched attacks and cyberthreats evolve, having spoken with countless industry experts, practitioners and sometimes even hackers to anticipate what’s coming next. As the Director of Fraud and Security at Javelin Strategy & Research, Tracy brings her years of experience to help the practice and its clients grow and strengthen their resiliency. Prior to joining Javelin, Tracy served as Director of Security Information Services at FS-ISAC, the Financial Services Information Sharing and Analysis Center – an industry consortium dedicated to reducing cyber-risk in the global financial system. Before FS-ISAC, Tracy served as Executive Editor at BankInfoSecurity and Senior Editor at ATM Marketplace. She has presented about financial cybersecurity risk and fraud at numerous industry trade events, including those hosted by ATMIA, RSA, the PCI Council and the Federal Reserve. Tracy holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in history, with a minor in English, from the University of Kentucky.

Ian Holmes
Global Director for Enterprise Fraud Solutions

Ian’s role and expertise have grown from Financial Institutions to cover other industries including Telecommunications and Insurance fraud as the risk, fraud and financial crimes intersection becomes magnified. Previously, Ian gained extensive banking industry-leading experience through fraud strategy roles, with specific expertise in payments fraud and application fraud. His career developed from the ‘ground up’ to embrace a customer focussed approach alongside analytics and strategy. Ensuring the bank was best placed to prevent fraud attacks, Ian gained deep expertise in industry decisioning systems. Ultimately, Ian became Head of Fraud in a UK division of HSBC and was recognised globally by his contemporaries. Joining SAS in 2011, Ian’s global role is to provide fraud expertise to drive the product enhancement; pre-sales and business implementation of the banking fraud solution globally. Ian’s team are SME’s and solution experts who support new and current customers to maximise fraud performance as well as presenting business case capability to potential clients. Ian’s fraud expertise is pivotal in retaining SAS’ recognition and reputation in the industry by customers and analysts; supporting marketing initiatives and strategic collaboration with key third party vendors and partners. Through these activities, he ensures stability for current clients as well as growth in new initiatives.

Keith Swanson (Moderator)
Regional Director, Asia Pacific/Japan Fraud, Financial Crime & Security Intelligence

Keith and his team work extensively with customers in developing strategies and applying solutions to combat financial crime, fraud, waste and abuse, and security initiatives, including public security, intelligence and cyber.  Keith has presented to a variety of industry bodies and organisations including Executive Briefings, Bankers Associations, Industry conferences and leading consultancies. Prior to joining SAS, Keith held a number of senior positions in the financial services sector in the USA.  He also spent time in management, business process and analytics consulting with leading organisations including IBM Global Business Services where he worked with clients to identify and deliver business value in financial and customer intelligence, advanced customer insight, business analytics strategy and advanced analytics and optimisation across a variety of industries. Key to his experience is understanding how individual and group behavioural insights can be used to address a variety of business opportunities and challenges, being able to discuss and translate across IT, business and project groups.