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Health Analytics in Action: Improve Insights & Accelerate Research

Learn How Leading Health Institutions Use AI and Analytics

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About this webinar

Hear from Prof. Patricia Maguire from University College Dublin, Robert Winkel from Gelre Hospitals, and Nienke van Zoggel from PW Consulting how they accelerate health care research in a trusted environment, inform care decisions, monitor their KPIs, optimize costs and capacity management via cloud-based analytics, and AI.

Why attend

This webinar is relevant for healthcare clinicians, researchers, hospital management, and IT:

  • Learn more about real AI use cases presented by physicians and researchers.  
  • Discover how you can use analytic insights to optimize medical resources and costs. 
  • Hear how you can integrate health and non-health data to inform decisions. 
  • Learn how you can accelerate research in a trusted environment.


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Topics and Speakers

10 min

Health Analytics in the Cloud – the end-2end vision for Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare and SAS Viya
Christian Hardahl (EMEA Healthcare Leader & Principal Business Solutions Manager, SAS) and Cedric Steenbeke (Western Europe Healthcare Technology Strategist, Microsoft)

20 min

Customer voice 

  • Customer Case 1: Accelerating Healthcare Research - AI Premie
    Prof. Patricia Maguire (Professor of Biochemistry, Director of the Institute for Discovery, University College Dublin, Ireland)    
  • Customer Case 2: Gelre EMR and Analytics in the cloud
    Robert Winkel (Program Manager Data Driven Health Care, Gelre Hospitals)

10 min

Demo: ICU Map
Nienke van Zoggel (Business Consultant, PW Consulting)

5 min

Q&A and Wrap up

About the Experts

Patricia Maguire
Professor of Biochemistry, Director of the Institute for Discovery, University College Dublin, Ireland

Professor Patricia Maguire is a biomedical scientist focused on the important cargo that platelets sequester, store and release upon activation. Her current work is in translational diagnostics research, developing a novel non-invasive blood-based diagnostics platform PALADIN (PlAteLetbAsed DIagNostics) that harnesses the power of circulating platelets combined with AI to uncover secrets of health and disease. She is Professor of Biochemistry at University College Dublin (UCD), Ireland and Director of the UCD Institute for Discovery, a major transdisciplinary research institute within this university, which cultivates interdisciplinary connections aligned to the UN Sustainable Development Goals. She is also Scientific Director the UCD Conway SPHERE research group and author on over 65 peer-reviewed publications in journals, including Nature Communications and the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Prof Maguire leads the AI_PREMie team, who were winners of a special prize in the Science Foundation Ireland AI for Societal Good Challenge Fund. Their work has discovered that information carried by platelets combined with powerful AI can help doctors diagnose pre-eclampsia.

Nienke van Zoggel
Business Consultant Healthcare, PW Consulting

Nienke van Zoggel works as a Business consultant in the Healthcare Team at PW Consulting. With her background in Econometrics including a Master in Operation Research and Management Science and 10 years of work experience at PW Consulting, she enjoys taking on any challenge to implement Analytics and Data Science into an organisation's processes to deliver as much added value to an organisation as possible.

PW Consulting has been the specialist in Business Analytics, architecture and solution development, including Healthcare, for over 35 years. Success in Business Analytics is our mission and to achieve this, our consultants work closely with our relations in an open, honest and committed way.

Robert Winkel
Program Manager Data Driven Health Care, Gelre Hospitals

Robert Winkel works as a program manager data driven health care / data & analytics for Gelre Hospitals. With his background in business administration, data science as well as his experience in (financial) management positions in various industries (banking, fast moving consumer goods, food service, healthcare) he enjoys improving decision making, based on both data analytics and human context.

Christian Hardahl
EMEA Healthcare Leader & Principal Business Solutions Manager, SAS

Christian is EMEA Healthcare Leader and Principal Business Solutions Manager based out of Europe/Denmark - he joined SAS in January 2010. 

Since 2020, Christian has been leading the industry in EMEA providing industry domain knowledge to colleagues and customers and focusing on health innovation and the increased convergence between healthcare and other industries.  During the Covid-19 pandemic Christian helped Ministry of Health’s across Europe in how to respond to the pandemic with data and analytics to make sure they made the best data driven decisions possible.

Cedric Steenbeke
Western Europe Healthcare Technology Strategist, Microsoft

Cedric is a Healthcare Technology Strategist at Microsoft. He is responsible for envisioning the technology roadmap of health providers and insurers in Western Europe. Cedric has over a decade of experience in Healthcare Technology and has worked with some of the most innovative health and life science organizations in Western Europe, driving successful implementations. With a background in Cloud architecture and healthcare interoperability, Cedric has managed to combine his passion for Healthcare with next-generation technology. Throughout his career, he has built solutions that leverage international standards like FHIR, OpenEHR, and DICOM.