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Third-party cookie disappearance: effective disruption.

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About the webinar

We all know that whenever we consume any type of content online, an advertising deal is happening in the background.

Publishers are providing content. Advertisers are funding the content by helping publishers to monetise their content with their ads. Most consumers are aware that they are sharing their data in order to receive personalized ads. However, not many realise how many hundreds of ad calls are going out to hundreds of companies involved in the advertising ecosystem.

This key piece of technology known as the 3rd party cookie that is now being phased out, is one of technologies underpinning the monetization business model of publishing online.

Companies, who have been too reliant on the 3rd party cookie must rethink their monetization strategy.

Not surprisingly, there is widespread and growing fear among some companies that they are losing over a decade’s worth of progress toward perfecting their monetization models within the programmatic ad ecosystem. But were those model any good in the first place? Or is this now the perfect storm to start new practices with quality and premium in mind?

To help you better prepare for life after third-party cookies, we’ve invited 3 experts...

Why attend?

  • The industry has the opportunity to revert to quality and premium advertising
  • Discuss how to clean up and get rid off bad practices
  • Replace daisy chaining ads in the digital supply chain
  • Avoid ad fraud - wittingly or unwittingly and devaluing inventory

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