SAS CX Partner Webinar Series

How businesses can respond to the “new” post-COVID digital customer

On-Demand Webinar
(30 Min. for free)

About the webinar

COVID-19 has forced many businesses to offer their products and services in new ways. How has the pandemic changed customer behaviour, and what are the most important expectations we need to understand? Has customer behaviour post COVID changed for good, and how can we use these learnings to create sustainable business models in years to come?

Organisations that can react quickest and with most accuracy to these changes in behaviour will start delivering superior CX. This is really important as our research shows customers are set to increase their spending once vaccines have been rolled out. With more customers online and more customers willing to share data, there is more opportunity to apply advanced data analytics to better understand customers and personalise CX.

Why attend?

  • Organisations need to understand which customers will change behaviour and in what ways.
  • How to get ahead of the competition and meet the demands of the new CX-sensitive consumer.
  • There is opportunity with more customers online and more customers willing to share data.
  • There is some trust and loyalty among consumers but it is hard won and easily lost.

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