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SAS Visual Text Analytics


About the webinar

The world of data is growing at an astonishing rate, but with 80% of data being in unstructured formats, enterprises have an increasing need to make sense of this data.

In this live AP-wide Ask the Expert Webinar, Ensley Tan will show you how SAS Visual Text Analytics is used to analyse and utilise large masses of unstructured text data.

You'll see how analytics is applied to text data to:

  • Track developments and reports about specific topics/issues and to detect potential new issues of concern.
  • Better detect evidence of, and potential for, behaviours of concerns such as child sexual exploitation.
  • Maximise the benefits of large language models while reducing their weaker points.

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About the Experts

Ensley Tan
Industry Lead for Public Sector (Asia-Pacific)

Ensley Tan is a Senior Manager for Industry Consulting at SAS Institute. He brings over 21 years of experience primarily in the government space, with specific expertise in law enforcement and national security policy-making and operational needs. He has conducted hundreds of corporate investigations throughout the Asia Pacific as a private sector fraud consultant, which has given him exposure to various challenges from various government organisations. He has worked with ground-level officials as well as Ministers, senior agency leaders and C-suite executives on their problems and needs. He is passionate about using analytics to support data-driven decisions and thereby finding real solutions for serious problems.

Queenie Wong
Director, Customer Advisory - ASEAN