On-Demand Webinar

Optimising Cloud Analytics

for a Greener Tomorrow

Embark on a Journey Towards Sustainability - Discover How to Minimise the Environmental Footprint of Your Cloud-Based AI and Data.

About the webinar

In an era where cloud computing powers innovation through analytics, machine learning, and AI, its environmental impact cannot be overlooked. With data movement and computational demands surging, the cloud's carbon footprint is a growing concern, already accounting for nearly 4% of global emissions - surpassing the airline industry.

This webinar will guide you through understanding and mitigating the ecological effects of cloud computing, highlighting efficient practices and technologies that can significantly reduce your carbon footprint in the cloud.

You will learn:  

  • The comparative environmental footprint of cloud vs. on-premises deployments;
  • How leveraging optimised performance with SAS® Viya® can yield environmental benefits and how to implement it; and
  • Strategies for decreasing data movement, lowering your carbon footprint, and boosting cloud productivity.

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About the Experts

Jonathan Butow
Senior Systems Engineer, SAS

Jonathan brings a decade of data science expertise, specialising in leveraging analytics to drive significant value across various sectors such as energy, fraud prevention, and government. With a proven track record in deploying efficient SAS solutions within major cloud platforms (AWS, Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure) and on-premises environments, Jonathan's expertise extends to edge computing, emphasising the importance of minimising data movement for both environmental and performance benefits.

Lily Clarke
Customer Success Manager, SAS

Lily Clarke is our local lead for Healthcare and all things approachable analytics at SAS. She is a strong advocate for responsible AI, believing strong AI and data literacy is one of the leading factors to gain equality in the technology arena. Having a background in Medical Mathematics, Lily intimately understands the importance of transparency in AI and data and applies this through her leadership in data visualisation, and skills uplift with SAS's academic partners across Australia and New Zealand.