SAS® Academy for Data Science

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SAS® Academy for Data Science

Don't just think like a data scientist. Be one.

Launching September 2017
The Academy will be made available as Self-Paced e-Learning.

Analytical talent is in high demand. Whether your goal is to infuse analytic excellence into your team, or to differentiate yourself in the job market, get the world-class training and certification you need from the SAS Academy for Data Science. We are pleased to announce that the Academy is being made available in a Self-Paced e-Learning format.

What does the Self-Paced Academy include?

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Comprehensive Training

Learn big data, advanced analytics and data science your way with self paced e-Learning.

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Globally Recognized Credentials

Programs prepare candidates for certification.

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Complete Toolset

Learn using SAS, R, Python, Pig, Hive and Hadoop.

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Hands-On Learning

Get full access to SAS software for learning and practice for the duration of the program.

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Real-World Case Studies

Practical application based on actual case studies enhances your learning.

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On-Going Support

Community Support is available to guide you and answer questions.

"Whether you're looking to grow your data science team or your own personal skills, the SAS Academy for Data Science is the answer." 

Jay Laramore, Analytical Training Consultant at SAS, talks about SAS Academy for Data Science programs – including available certifications, what you'll learn and how earning a globally recognized credential can help you stand out in a sea of self-described data scientists.

Academy Advantages


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Secure a competitive edge.

We can organise a tailored academy concept for you organization. If you are interested please contact your local Education office.

To get the full value out of your large structured and unstructured data sources, you need employees with the skills to ask the right questions and make sense out of the answers. In other words, you need data scientists. The SAS Academy for Data Science can help you:

  • Transform your top talent into certified professionals in big data, advanced analytics and data science.
  • Make your business smarter and more innovative.
  • Develop analytic excellence that gives you a competitive edge.

Satisfy your endless curiosity. Boost your earning potential.

Demand is high for individuals with data science skills, while supply remains low. And that is good news on the salary front. The SAS Academy for Data Science can help you:

  • Earn a higher salary.
  • Increase your value to your employer.
  • Secure your future.

Fill the workforce skills gap.

Rising demand for data scientists has created a talent gap that universities can help fill by developing programs to meet the growing need. SAS is partnering with higher education institutions around the world to make content from the SAS Academy for Data Science programs available to help you:

  • Build a robust data science program using free course materials from academy programs.
  • Augment your course offerings with top-level course materials.
  • Help students gain recognized credentials from SAS with certification in big data, advanced analytics and data science.
  • Increase the job placement rate for your graduates by helping them gain in-demand skills.

Learn about free teaching materials from SAS

Secure your future.

There's a high demand for analytical talent among employers, but the supply is low. The SAS Academy for Data Science can help you:

  • Learn highly sought-after analytical skills that will be in demand by employers around the world.
  • Boost your earning potential by earning a globally recognized and respected credential.

Learn about our 50% discount for students

Packages & Pricing

SAS Certified Big Data Professional
Module 1€1,500
Module 2€1,500
Complete package module 1 & 2€3,000
Sas Certified Advanced Analytics Professional
Module 3€1,000
Module 4€1,000
Module 5€1,000
Complete package module 3, 4 & 5€3,000
SAS Certified Data Scientist Package (Package includes module 1-5)


A discount is available for partners and academic. Contact your local Education office for more information.

About SAS® Certification

The SAS Global Certification program launched in 1999 to validate the skills and knowledge of SAS users and partners. Participants can currently earn credentials in SAS Programming, Predictive Modeling, Administration, Data Management, Business Intelligence, Big Data, Advanced Analytics and Data Science. Since the program's inception, the number of SAS certifications awarded each year has seen double-digit growth. To date, nearly 100,000 SAS credentials have been awarded to individuals in 77 countries.

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