What is SAS® SCYP

As a leader in Business Analytics, the SAS solutions are in increasing demand as an answer to the management of huge collections of very large and complex data sets.

Consequently, SAS skills are in high demand around the globe. The demand for SAS knowledge and expertise significantly exceeds the number of skilled people available. As an answer to this market demand for Data Scientists, SAS offers a program to help make up the shortage by organizing the 'SAS® Software Certified Young Professionals' (SAS® SCYP) program.

With this program, SAS offers students FREE e-learning packages to get trained in SAS and get SAS Certified. The SAS Certifications are recognized and valued by the market ; and hence they are definitively a qualitative asset on your CV. The certifications are also an excellent basis to develop other SAS skills in the future, either technical or more in-depth knowledge in the SAS Business Solutions.

Portrait of a beautiful student in a library

Some TOP reasons to get certified:

  • Validate your skills and stand out.
  • Earn recognition for your knowledge.
  • Increase your value to your future employer.
  • Enhance your credibility as a SAS professional.
  • Get a digital badge you can share.
  • Have your name listed in the Directory of SAS Certified Professionals.

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