How can I participate?

You can start your SCYP Program whenever it suits you and you have time for it:

  1. Read the “who can participate“-rules to verify whether you qualify for the SAS® SCYP Program
  2. Select the country in which you are studying and choose the certification you are interested in. As you will notice, not all countries offer the same certifications. This will become more uniform in the future, but at this moment you have the certifications available of the country where you are studying.
  3. Select the “Register for Course Material” button to start your SAS® SCYP adventure and fill out the Form.
  4. Once you’ve sent us the Form, we will check your admission. Please note that it is required that you use your school email address, otherwise you will be rejected from the Program.
  5. You will receive a confirmation email within 5 working days with the study package of the certification of your choice. Typically, this consists of:

    Software: The link to the requested software
    E-learning: The codes and links to access the e-learning courses. Depending on the Certification you choose, the content you need to master for the exam consists of 2 or 3 e-learning courses, or of a series of how-to-videos.
    PDF: As an additional support, you will receive an email from SAS called Extended Learning for your SAS e-Learning. This Extended Learning Service will give you access to the Course Notes corresponding to your e-learning + many more extra SAS information (which is optional to prepare for the Certification).
  6. Once you are ready, go back to the Certification of your choice on the SAS® SCYP website and register for an exam session via the “Register for Exam” button. Depending on the countries, the process is different, so you will find further details on this specific page.

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