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White Paper

Data driven management in healthcare

– inspiration for a change

How to renew the healthcare sector

This report, Data Driven Management in Healthcare – inspiration for a change, is for hospital managers in the Nordic Health Sector.

A systematic use of data in strategic management in the health services secures value creation useful to each citizen and for society.

SAS Institutes vision is to be the preferred partner to the health services when future challenges on data driven management in the health sector must be solved.

Therefore SAS Institute wants to share knowledge and experience in the area, make people curious and be part of a debate for new innovation in the health sector.

Why should you read this report?
Our purpose for publishing this report is to

  • Inspire the management team to use data driven management in health
  • Show how it is possible to tackle complicity and gaining insights in healthcare
  • Make hospital managers understand why it is important to release data for a better health
  • Create great values for hospitals and patients by using data and advanced analytics.

The report is published in Danish, Norwegian and Swedish and is adjusted to rules and regulations in each country.

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