GDPR is here. Comply by May 25, 2018.

Use SAS to build your analytics advantage and be compliant.


Why SAS for GDPR compliance?

You can’t protect your organisation’s sensitive data if you’re not sure exactly what or where it is. We provide software and services for all phases of the data protection life-cycle.

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1. Access > >

  • Access data sources for personal data investigation or business usage.
  • Access workflows that define actions, policies and processes for personal data.
  • Access audit, monitor and risk reports on personal data.
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2. Identify > >

  • Find and catalogue personal data.
  • Analyze personal data attributes, patterns and contexts to evaluate need for deidentification.
  • Analyze personal data for risk assessment.
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3. Govern > >

  • Define personal data terms to align Business & IT.
  • Link systems, processes and business owners in data flows.
  • Ensure integrity of personal data so that it is accurate, complete and consistent.
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4. Protect > >

  • Implement data protection safeguards.
  • Apply privacy-specific measures such as pseudonymization, anonymization and encryption.
  • Minimize data to the purpose for which it is being collected.
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5. Audit > >

  • Log and monitor usage of personal data.
  • Audit usage of personal data to demonstrate compliance with privacy controls.
  • Analyze and report to prove that personaldata is not at risk.

Our solution for GDPR

Five steps to prepare for the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) – our recommended approach

Steps needed - to comply with the new GDPR

How will it really affect you?

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