Webinar: The powerful and beautiful symbiosis of humans and artificial intelligence | SAS


The Powerful and Beautiful Symbiosis of 
Humans and Artificial Intelligence

 Duration: 45 minutes

About the webinar

Machine Learning is said to be an important driver of the future of artificially intelligent systems, automatically analyzing data, building models and distilling new knowledge. Many promising applications on how artificial intelligence will augment our human capabilities are surfacing rapidly. Does that mean that artificial intelligence will eventually replace humans? Of course not!

In this webinar, Pasi Helenius, Principal Data Scientist and Sarah Gates, Analytics Strategist, claim that an intelligent system is not intelligent because it can process data in the most efficient and effective way. These systems are intelligent because they make the best decisions every time, and human knowledge is the secret ingredient. In their talk, Pasi and Sarah will discuss how to combine best of both worlds, synergizing human and artificial intelligence into actionable and powerful decisions indispensable for propelling your business forward.

What you'll learn:

  • What is decisioning?
  • Where AI excels.
  • The benefits of combining human knowledge and AI in decisioning.

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About the Experts

Pasi Helenius
Senior Business Solutions Manager - Global Technology Practice, Artificial Intelligence, SAS

Data Scientist Pasi Helenius is always up for engaging others in discussions on how the use of Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Analytics improves business, whether it is optimizing Supply Chain, improving Manufacturing efficiency or improving the Customer Journey. Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Forecasting and Predictive Analytics are his forte. Whether it’s speaking ‘nerdy’ or explaining advanced analytics in terms that are understandable to others, Pasi Helenius has experience to do just that.

Some of his recent presentations include an introduction to business forecasting using a hybrid approach that combines deep learning with an econometric approach. Such knowledge is useful for a wide range of people - from data scientists, business analysts and applied AI experts to managers, gambling experts and modelers – and beneficial for forecasting the most difficult business problems.

Sarah Gates
Analytics Strategist, SAS

Sarah’s expertise is helping organizations gain higher returns on their analytic investments through operationalizing analytics into their decisioning processes. A dynamic speaker, she frequently is tapped to talk on related topics in webinars, conferences and in educational settings. Previously, she spent five years at SAS as an Analytics Advisor to customers on the west coast. Prior to joining SAS, she was the Vice President of Research for the International Institute for Analytics, advising clients worldwide in the healthcare, retail, financial services and manufacturing industries. She also has 20 years of experience in the government sector in a wide variety of data scientist, policy, and leadership roles.

Sarah has a degree in Mathematics, a Masters of Business Administration, and a Masters of Analytics.

She lives in Washington state. She is passionate about cycling and has two daughters – one of whom she has successfully launched into the real world.

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