AI for grown-ups

Successful tactics to scale and operationalize your analytics

Duration: 45 minutes

About the webinar

When more than 50% of all analytical models developed never make it into production, what can you do to improve the odds?

Are you looking to scale your analytics, to inject analytical insight into every business decision and customer touch point, to quickly adapt to fast-changing market conditions and business needs, deploying analytical models in production in a matter of days, rather than months?

Shift into first gear and join this webinar to learn how successful organizations are using ModelOps to industrialize their analytics for speed, volume, repeatability, and reliability, with a streamlined analytic lifecycle and effective collaboration across teams.

You will hear directly from our guest speaker, Bonolo Sebolai, as he discusses how Nedbank are scaling their analytics with ModelOps and what they have learned along the way.

What you'll learn:

  • ModelOps: why, what, how.
  • Successful tactics and best practices used by organizations to operationalize their analytics.
  • Practical next steps to start your ModelOps journey.

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About the Expert

Olivier Penel
Data & Analytics Strategic Advisor

Artificial Intelligence is re-shaping the world we live in. From life partner choices to political campaign management, sport performance optimization and of course business decisions, AI is weaving into more and more aspects of society, businesses and personal lives. In this innovation race, data is the “new black”, data science is emerging as a new profession, and ethics is becoming the new frontier of technology.

With a long-lasting obsession for data, Olivier is passionate about data-driven innovation, artificial intelligence and how it relates to bigger questions such as privacy and ethics.  

As a thought leader, public speaker and trusted advisor, Olivier enjoys providing strategic guidance to organizations to streamline the creation of analytical insight, from data to decision, to operationalize analytics, to maximise the value from AI investments and to accelerate digital transformations. 

Olivier has an engineering degree in Human-Computer Interactions with a minor in Philosophy, Technology, and Cognition. He is currently acting as an advisor in the Global Sales Support organization at SAS Institute. 

Bonolo Sebolai
Senior Quantitative Analyst | Financial Crime and Operational Risk

Bonolo Sebolai is a senior quantitative analyst within the financial crime and operational risk team under the broader Group Risk Analytics team in Nedbank which is led by Tony Johnson.

Having studied Mathematical Sciences, specialising in Computer Sciences and Applied Mathematics in his undergraduate, Bonolo furthered his studies by obtaining an honours Degree in Data Sciences which has allowed him to work as a data scientist and now a quantitative analyst for 2 of South Africa’s big four banks. While mainly building projects in python, he has experience in coding in R, Java and C++.

Using these languages, he is a firm believer of a client focused development approach, where each model developed is treated as a product that can be used to make a meaningful and measurable difference as opposed to being an optional tool.

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