dm-drogerie markt • Customer Success Story

Because every customer is different: Personalized approach at dm

Making life easier for customers with relevant offers and information is the goal of dm-drogeriemarkt and its IT subsidiary dmTECH. With SAS Customer Intelligence 360, they develop solutions to address customers real time in a personalized manner. Together with SAS, dmTECH is developing solutions that respond to the needs of dm-drogeriemarkt customers, helping them accomplish this  – across all channels and touchpoints  – digitally, or on-site at our dm-market stores.


  • Creating a cross-channel, personalized customer approach

  • Data evaluation in a wide range of online and offline channels (web, app and e-mail as well as onsite in store)

  • Next Best Action: Support customers with the right offer, exactly when they need it
Every human being is unique. At dmTECH, we value this diversity. With SAS, we are able to create a high level of personalization in customer interaction, which is tailored to the preferences and interests of the customers. We can now identify personal interests and present anyone with offers for their favorite items. By analyzing data from individual customers and using a highly personalized approach, we can provide far more than just a pleasant shopping experience

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