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About the Risk Leaders Webinar Series

No matter how your organisation prioritises risk, you need proven methodologies and industry expertise to help you establish a risk-aware culture, optimise capital and liquidity, and meet regulatory demands.

Delivered in 45-minute sessions and hosted by global and local experts, this series is designed for risk leaders ready to explore best practice, and to discover how leading financial institutions are using advanced analytics and artificial intelligence (AI), to turn regulatory challenges into opportunities, while remaining compliant. 

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COVID to Climate Risk: Lessons in Building Resiliency in Risk Management

As the world emerges from dealing with a COVID19 related economic downturn, we examine the similarities between this and the expected financial impact from climate change, and how banks can prepare better. The current disparate regional impacts, government policy interventions, disruptions to supply chains, changing consumer habits, sectoral unemployment and deep drop in GDP’s are all expected outcomes of climate change that have resulted in financial institutions changing how they manage risk.

What short and long term changes can you expect to your credit risk management framework in dealing with climate risk?  What are some of the recent developments in regulatory guidance that will shape things to come? What new analytical techniques or approaches are being applied?  How will reporting and disclosures need to change? What are the most prudent process and technology capability roadmap for your organisation?


Mr. Paul Franks - Director, Financial Services, SAS Australia & New Zealand

Mr. Peter Plochan - Principal Risk & Finance Specialist, SAS EMEA

Mr. Naeem Siddiqi - Advisory Industry Consultant, SAS Canada

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