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SAS + Accenture: Finance & Risk Management and beyond

Is it time for a fundamental change to your finance and risk infrastructure? Accenture and SAS have joined forces to help banking and insurance institutions develop a future-ready risk landscape utilizing advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning to drive beyond rules-based approaches to fraud, compliance and risk management.

Our joint approach to finance and risk management

Accenture and SAS approach to FRTB

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SAS Capital Requirements for Market Risk

Accenture Finance and Risk Practice

About the alliance

With more than a decade of successful partnering, Accenture and SAS enable organizations to use the power of analytics to seize growth opportunities, get precise answers to complex problems, and speed innovation and decision making. Hundreds of companies worldwide have benefited from Accenture's business analytics solutions powered by SAS' pioneering analytics.

Key benefits of engaging Accenture and SAS for finance and risk management include:

  • Confidently address the basics (data, people, process and technology).
  • Increase speed of implementation and reduce cost with an end-to-end solution.
  • Deploy finance and risk specialists to integrate the solution into the organization's environment, protecting existing infrastructure investments.
  • Use local knowledge and relationships with regulators and our understanding of market structure to align implementation with local regulatory expectations.
  • Drive down false positives by moving from rules-based to advanced artificial intelligence driven fraud and compliance outcomes.

To learn more, please contact

Joe Hegarty, SAS, Director, Global Accenture Risk and Fraud Lead

Kieran Towey, Accenture, SAS Global F&R Engagement Lead

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