Tuesday 17th November

09:00 - 09:05Welcome by Keld Zornig - The Nordic Perspective
09:05 - 09:15Executive note by Oliver Schabenberger - prerecorded the overall vision and the future SAS
09:15 - 09:20SAS Nordic Virtual Forum - what to expect, learn and how to interact - host
09:30 - 16:00Industry and User sessions - scroll down and read more
13:00 - 14:00Discussion hubs - 5G & AI - read more

Industry sessions

Be sure to visit our Industry Connection Auditorium. Here, you’ll find sessions specific to these six industries. 
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User sessions

Be sure to visit our User Connection Auditorium. Here, you’ll find sessions specific to these four themes.
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What´s new & Demos

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AI, Cloud & new Tech

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Track 1Healthcare after corona. What do we need?
Catharina Barkman, Project Director at Forum for Health Policy and Peter Graf, CEO at Tiohundra AB
Track 2Use of artificial intelligence to identify patient harms in patient records 
Kjersti Mevik, M.D, PhD, Consultant Breast and endocrine surgery Nordland Hospital 
Track 3Artificial Intelligence for faster and better diagnosis of the acute patient
Ivan Brandslund, MD DMSc, Professor, University of Southern Denmark and Lillebælt Hospital
Track 4Early detection of cancer with AI
Ivan Brandslund, MD DMSc, Professor, University of Southern Denmark and Lillebælt Hospital


Track 1The use and impact of AI in public services in the EU
Gianluca Misuraca, Research Fellow at the Department of eGovernance and Public Administration, Research on AI
Colin van Noordt, PhD Researcher on Artificial Intelligence in Government, Research on AI
Track 2The power in validated public data & insights
Kristian Lønø, Senior advisor, Statistics Norway & Jussi Ritola, Group manager - Digitalisation Services, Statistics Finland
Track 3Analytics Platform City
Burak Kircali, Principal Business Solutions Manager, Business Value, SAS
Track 4PROCUREMENT FRAUD: A perspective on the challenges in combating fraud 
Kenneth Ipsen, Head of Forensic Competence Groups, KPMG P/S


Track 1Nordic banking in the 2020´s
Alex Kwiatkowski, Industry Principal, SAS
Followed by Sameli Mäenpää, Chief Data Officer, OP Financial Group and Alex Kwiatkowski in conversation about Data-driven decisioning and OP's digital transformation journey.
Track 2Why can’t the digital customer communication from Danske Bank be relevant, when they have all the data about me?
Martin Wammen, eCapacity & Stefan Rikard Brieghel, Danske Bank
Track 3Organizing for AI Adoption, Delivering for Agility
Nima Ghorbani, Head of Analytics & AI at Swedbank Group

Track 4How to create a sustainable model for AML/CTF Customer risk profiling 
Marie Lundberg, CEO, Acronym Consulting AB


Track 1AI Based Wind Turbine Blade Management
Mats Frisk & Mattias Karlsson, KPMG & Proteqnic 
Track 2Capturing full benefits from advanced analytics requires changes in operating practices
Kai Vikman, AFRY
Track 3Digital Transformation of the Steel Industry
Carl Orrling , Vice President Technical Development, SSAB

Track 4From PoC to Cash
Erik Josefsson, Head of Advanced Industries, Ericsson & Eva Fyrberg, Head of Connected Enterprise / Director, KPMG Sweden AB


Track 1Orchestrating Analytics to create Value
Patrick Dittli, Director Business Development & Partner Enablement, SAS
Track 2Marketing Automation Excellence - Experience selecting and implementing a Marketing Automation tool
Mabel Moya , Deputy Chief Commercial Officer, Altibox
Track 3Demand Planning as a key lever in revenue growth in the CPG industry
Andrew Jennings, Executive Consultant and former MD Mondelez UK
Track 4Digital Transformation, Covid-19 and the “New Normal”
Raffael Reinhold, CEO, Office Depot Europe

What´s new and Demos

Track 1What's New in SAS® Data Management - Data Flow/Studio
Patric Hamilton and Cecily Hoffritz, SAS
Track 2Supervision and Control/Inspections, Demo
Christopher Broxe, Principal Business Solutions Manager, SAS
Track 3What is ModelOps and how can it help and support you with your analytics work? 
Casper Pedersen, Sr Manager, Pre-Sales Support, SAS

Track 4Make better decisions across touchpoints with analytically driven marketing, Demo
Thomas Thorning, Advisor, Nordic CI Practice, SAS
Track 5Expand your analytics with SAS® Visual Data Mining and Machine Learning, demo
Philip Sierpinski, Associate Customer Advisor, SAS
Track 6AVT
Patric Hellgren, Customer Training Advisor, SAS
Track 7Structuring and Scripting SAS® Code with Proc Lua instead of SAS® Macro
Martin Sjöberg, Quantitative Analyst - Financial Crime Prevention, Svenska Handelsbanken

AI, Cloud and new Tech

Track 1Learning by Beeing
Silje Nord, Data Scientist and Kjetil Kalager Vice President for AI Lab, Amesto NextBridge
Track 2Are you ready for true cloud native computing? Meet the next generation of SAS® Viya®
Kristoffer Nilsson, Sr Systems Engineer, SAS
Track 3Portals
Jesper Weber Dohn, Marie Lienzén, SAS

Track 4AI i POC
Pasi Rautio, Project Manager, City of Helsinki
Track 5Improving Mean Time to Resolution and Root Cause Analysis using Boemska ESM, Demo
Christopher Blake, Director of Product Strategy, Boemska
Track 6Ease of building stand-alone machine vision devices
Vesa Lauri, Consultant, SAS


Track 1Survival tips for programmers in SAS® Viya®
Pia Rønnevik, Sr Customer Success Manager, SAS
Track 2Identification of blood sample mix-ups using SAS® Viya® machine learning
Peter Steffensen, Principal Analytical Consultant, SAS
Track 3Could raising taxes on cigarettes reduce smoking in Denmark?
Anders Milhøj, Statistician, Copenhagen University
Track 4SAS® Enterprise Guide®, code extraction and automation
Joonas Maunu, Data analyst, Ilmarinen 
Track 5Soon to be updated
Track 6Soon to be updated


Track 1SAS® Visual Analytics – at the core of understanding our business
Nikolai Perminow, Analytical and creative leader, Telenor Mobile
Track 2Lönelänken 3.0 – Salary Analytics for the Public Sector in Sweden
Carl-Olow Magnusson, Principal Business Solutions Manager, SAS 
Track 3Visual Text Analytics: How do I make sense of my unstructured data?
Ina Conrado, Associate Systems Engineer, SAS 
Track 4Soon to be updated
Track 5Data loading in SAS® Viya® 3.5
Rahul Bhattacharjee, Data Manager, Telenor
Track 6Location Network Analytics – How to Predict new Outbreaks of COVID-19? 
Carlos Pinheiro, Principal Data Scientist & Natalia Summerville, Sr Manager, Advanced Analytics R&D, SAS

Discussion Hubs


Panel discussion: What new possibilities will 5G & IoT create for business in the years to come?

AIWe need to make sure that we deploy Responsible AI and avoid unwanted effects such as prejudiced or discriminatory AI. How do we do that, what do we need to think of and what do we need to have in place?
  • Responsible AI by Josefin Rosén, Nordic Practice Leader AI & Analytics SAS Institute
  • Demo: Technology in Practice by Josefin Rosén, Nordic Practice Leader AI & Analytics SAS Institute

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