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Nextbridge Analytics

Topic of the Challenge:

Arctic Sea – Iceberg Warnings:

Using Satellite images to detect icebergs and separate these from ships and oil/gas installations.  Oil & Gas production in the Barents Sea and other arctic areas is a fact. To protect the environment, one of the gravest dangers must be dealt with:  collision between ships and icebergs. In case of an incident, such collisions will have fatal consequences for the nature, in one of the most precious areas on the planet. In order to help automate and assist the detection of floating icebergs, we will develop a model to detect the icebergs from satellite images. The complexity of the task is high, as the distinction between ships and icebergs is often impossible, or difficult, even for the human eye.

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Team Name: 

NextBridge On the Rocks  –
as in floating things of Ice

Øystein Sørensen

Øystein Sørensen
Data scientist, PhD Bio-statistics
7 years exerience from reserch, oil & gas, industry, insurance & energy.

Thomas Heiberg

Thomas Heiberg
PL/Lead Data Scientist, PhD Comp. Neuroscience. 13 years experience, IT consulting, PMI, Scrum-master

Ole Elvetun

Ole Elvetun
Data scientist, PhD Applied mathematics
5 years experience from energy, industry and research.

Aurora Voje

Aurora Voje
Data scientist, PhD Quantum Physics
8 years experience from academia and logistics.

David Crompton

David Crompton
Data scientist, PhD Systems Engineering
4 years experience from Banking, Telecom, Customer Intelligence and motion analytics.

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