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25/9Cross TopicsTromsø14:00-17:00
26/9Solvency IIStockholm13:00-15:00
26/9Cross TopicsTrondheim14:00-17:00
17/10Visual AnalyticsStockholm09:00-12:00
17/10Cross TopicsStavanger14:00-17:00
1/11Visual AnalyticsOslo14:00-17:00
7/11Cross Topics: Maps, Location and ESRIStockholm14:00-17:00
26/11Visual AnalyticsCopenhagen09:00-12:00
27/11Visual AnalyticsAarhus09:00-12:00
29/11Cross Topics/Christmas Get-togetherOslo14:00-22:00
30/11Visual Analytics
6/12Public SectorCopenhagen13:00-16:00

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 25/9: Cross Topics | Tromsø
 26/9: Solvency II | Stockholm
 26/9: Cross Topics | Trondheim
 27/9: Platform | Copenhagen
 4/10: Programming | Copenhagen
 17/10: Visual Analytics | Stockholm
 17/10: Cross Topics | Stavanger
 25/10: Platform | Stockholm
 1/11: Programming | Oslo
 1/11: Visual Analytics | Oslo
 7/11: Cross Topics: Maps, Location and ESRI | Stockholm
 8/11: Platform | Espoo
 26/11: Visual Analytics | Copenhagen
 27/11: Visual Analytics | Aarhus
 29/11: Platform | Copenhagen
 29/11: Cross Topics/Christmas | Oslo
 29/11: Analytics | Stockholm
 30/11: Visual Analytics | Espoo
 4/12: Programming | Aarhus
 6/12: Analytics | Copenhagen
 6/12: Public Sector | Copenhagen
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