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Whether you want to join a FANS Network Event or a SAS User Activity, we have gathered it all for you below. 

FANS is all about sharing. We will be happy to include your idea in an event or webinar. Or why not present yourself? Get in touch here.

FANS Network groups

We currently have 5 network groups, and more are on it's way. Read more about the groups below or find upcoming events here.



For those responsible for the SAS software environment and/or the use of SAS software. The group focuses on deployment of latest SAS technology and exchange of experiences. 



For SAS Analytics users who wants to be up-to-date on the latest software and discover new ways of use. Covering both technical and business aspects, forecasting, data mining, optimization and other analytics disciplines. These meet-ups are most relevant for analysts, scientists and technical focused SAS users.

Visual Analytics

Visual Analytics

For those responsible for SAS Visual Analytics in their organizations - either for business use or as an administrator. Get information about news in SAS Visual Analytics and learn how others use the software.



For programmers and developers who wish to update their knowledge in SAS programming. Mix of news and tips and tricks. Covers broad scope of topics, and is useful for both new and experienced SAS users.

Cross Topic Network

Cross Topic Network

These meetings include a broader selection of topics across the network groups and is a great opportunity to meet and learn from users of many different SAS solutions.

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Nordic SAS Users activities


Get the latest updates and tips for efficient use of SAS Software from SAS experts with our interactive webinars. Can't make the date? All webinars are recorded and available.

Go to Nordic webinars here.
Global webinars are available here.

SAS Flagship Events

Each year, +150 Nordic attendees travel to SAS Global Forum in US and Analytics Experience in Europe. FANS membership gives you access to both.

SAS Global Forum
Analytics Experience

SAS Intro Tour

New to SAS software? Or has it been a while since you got updated on the latest SAS platform news? Get the helicopter view with the SAS Intro Tour

SAS Support Community

Want fingertip access to 150.000 SAS Experts? Join the SAS Support Community now! It's easy - and free!

Ask questions and share tips and tricks. We both have global groups and a Nordic community that gives you access to presentations from FANS events.

Nordic FANS Conferences 

Registration is open for all SAS users! Go here to sign up:


SAS Training

Want to see the full list of on- and offline training that SAS has to offer? Look no more

As a FANS member you get 25% discount on all SAS Learning Conferences and 10% on SAS Analytics Value Training.

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