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Past Hacks

Inspiration and innovation from 2022

The SAS Hackathon is all about testing ideas, pushing the limits and challenging the status quo – with the purpose of inventing a novel solution. We’ve compiled a best-of collection from 2022.


Winner: Overall Global Winner, Asia Region, Public Sector Track

Team Jakstat from StarCore applied SAS and Python to map and optimize COVID financial aid disbursement for the micro-, small and medium-sized businesses that comprise 97% of Jakarta’s economy.


Winner: EMEA Region, Telecom & Media Track, Computer Vision

To improve web form accessibility, team members from Funka Nu AB used computer vision, optical character recognition, machine learning and test automation to create a solution for website owners to evaluate their form’s accessibility and apply solutions by inputting their site’s URL.

The Chart Chasers!

Winner: Americas Region Health & Life Science Track, Natural Language Processing

Value-based care ties doctors’ paychecks to care efficiency, but doctors are underpaid when mistakes are made in the medical coding process. Team members from InformedHC and Pinnacle Solutions used SAS® Viya® to build an automated system to uncover lost revenue from errors using the International Classification of Diseases codes.

Blogs and articles

Sharing stories ignite creativity and inspires curiosity. From sea rescues to neurodiversity to lung disease, teams tackled some of the most vexing business and humanitarian challenges in the world. Check out some of the coverage of last year’s teams.