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For technology leaders, transformative analytics capabilities like machine learning and AI can be as daunting as they are promising. One of the biggest challenges in tapping into these advances is the ability to process massive volumes of data, which requires extraordinary computing power.

More than 20 years of partnership between SAS and Intel means that extraordinary computing power is in reach for our customers. We collaborate extensively to ensure our world-leading analytics solutions take full advantage of the latest Intel hardware capabilities. In fact, SAS products list an Intel architecture as the CPU system requirement. This means faster access to more accurate and timely insights for everyone.

SAS and Intel are working together to empower organizations in every industry around the world. We’re helping people make better decisions that lead to a whole new level of results.

Microsoft enables digital transformation for the era of an intelligent cloud and an intelligent edge. Its mission is to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more.

SAS and Microsoft have formed a long-term strategic partnership around analytics, artificial intelligence and the cloud. With Microsoft Azure as the preferred cloud provider for the SAS Cloud, we are working together to provide the best experience and value to our customers as they transition to the cloud.

We will build deep integrations of our SAS Viya platform with Azure services, develop joint market-ready solutions in different industry verticals, and share go-to-market activities across the globe. In addition to Azure, we will work to integrate the power of SAS Analytics within Microsoft’s entire cloud ecosystem, including Dynamics 365, Microsoft 365 and Power Platform.

Partners: Diversity and Inclusion

When it comes to diversity, we usually think of race and gender. However, neurodiversity in tech is an aspect of diversity that is often overlooked. At SAS, we embrace and celebrate all kinds of minds and understand the importance of bringing all perspectives to every facet of the workplace. What truly matters is that people feel secure in having a team that accepts them and allows them to thrive.

Aligning with our core values, #HackinSAS aims to inspire global participants to be curious, passionate, authentic and accountable. We are proud to partner with three organizations to enhance the diversity and inclusion efforts with a focus on the entire spectrum that spans from the classroom to the boardroom.

When you mix in all aspects of diversity and inclusion directly into the DNA, the core fabric of the hackathon, you have a recipe for success. There’s compassion and collaboration that just might change the world. After all, inclusion fuels innovation – consider joining a team today! 

Partners: Industry

Tackling problems worth solving requires a strong ecosystem of partners. When we tap into different industries, we gain diverse perspectives, skills and resources to enhance the hack.

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