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Training Courses

Become a proficient SAS® user and gain globally recognized credentials.

Join us during the training sessions on October 21st and participate in the courses taught by certified SAS professionals and renowned education institutions and universities!

You can choose among five different courses and register for them during online registration.

Be curious: Do not miss the opportunity to enrich your Analytics Experience!

Accelerate the analytics lifecycle in cloud

This course introduces the complete analytics lifecycle: data, discovery, deployment; participants will learn how the analytical flow works in cloud.The first part of the cycle is about data collection and data management; the second part is about discovery, models and the application of algorithms; the third part is about deployment and governance. The course will follow these 3 steps and will have a fourth part about the development of this lifecycle with a cloud architecture and with containers.

Crash Course in Data Science for the Business User

The contents of the course include: Definitions, Examples (X-selling, Credit scoring, Fraud Detection, Recommender system, Customer journey analysis), Analytics Process Model, Data Preprocessing, Types of Analytics, Post Processing, Economic Perspective, Improving ROI, Privacy and Security.

Deep Learning with SAS

This course introduces the essential components of deep learning. Participants learn how to build deep feedforward, convolutional, and recurrent networks. The neural networks are used to solve problems that include traditional classification, image classification, and time-dependent outcomes. The course also presents practical methods used to enhance training data to produce better models. Lastly, a method for efficiently searching hyperparameters is described.

SAS Viya & Open Source Integration focus on Python

In this course, you learn to use the Python API to take control of SAS Cloud Analytic Services (CAS) actions from Jupyter Notebook. You learn to upload data into the in-memory distributed environment, analyze data, and create predictive models in CAS using familiar Python functionality via the SWAT (SAS Wrapper for Analytics Transfer) package. You will then learn to download results to the client and use native Python syntax to compare models.

Machine Learning with SAS Viya: Hands-on

This course covers the foundation for different techniques associated with supervised machine learning models. A series of demonstrations and exercises is used to reinforce all the concepts and the analytical approach to solving business problems. A business case study is defined to guide participants through all steps of the analytical life cycle, from problem understanding to model deployment, through data preparation, feature selection, model training and validation, and model assessment. You learn to train supervised machine learning models to make better decisions about big data.

IMPORTANT: This is an intensive course with PCs support but without final exam/certification.

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