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Analytics redefines innovation. You redefine the future.

We experience complexity everywhere, across businesses, across industries and spanning geographies. The combination of this complexity alongside the rise of disruptive innovation, sees the emergence of, and the opportunity for, radical change. We are seeing a re-imagining and a re-scoping of innovation and analytics is its driver. It used to be that technology drove analytics, but now analytics drives technology. And that’s changing everything.

Which approach can unlock the potential of analytics?

How do we design a future that ensures that innovation and creativity flourishes in an organization?

A new environment with a new economy is being created, one in which data is the most valuable asset and intelligence is king. We see this as the next stage – The Analytics Economy – and the promise of the analytics economy will materialize when the new normal is innovation at every level of the organization, on large and small projects, on strategic bets, as well as the next best option for a customer. It is about continuous learning rather than beautifully structured processes that stay the same for years.

Analytics is redefining innovation.
Even within established analytics practices, change is afoot. The need to be faster, more accurate and even more transparent about models, will be necessary for both business impact as well as building trust in the way algorithms learn.

Success stories from our library of references tell us there are three distinct yet inter-connected parts to unlocking the analytics potential.

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Understanding the full picture includes immersing in multiple scenarios of everyday experiences, empathizing and embracing the future and facing humanity. While the entire impact is a way off, we can each start on the path to create our own preferred future today - by making sustainable changes to the way we operate. Without investment in understanding, there will be persistent painful resistance to possibilities, and friction between those who see and those who do not.

Exploring the possibilities represents more than playing with models in an innovation lab. True exploration must encompass consequence of learning algorithms working in partnership with people (employees, customers, partners). We will explore frameworks to facilitate strategies for guaranteeing that innovation and creativity flourish in an organization. The best way to illustrate the oncoming automation of tasks, rather than jobs, is through exploring alternative organizational models. Analytics will pave the way for employees with ‘portfolios’ of capabilities, as they are increasingly augmented by smart and contextual automation.

Realizing benefits will ultimately depend on the way we tell stories about the possibilities and the successes along the way. A lot will depend on how effectively we can humanize the advance of AI, through a wide spectrum of relatable stories. Data4good is one powerful example of how we showcase the human potential. Each of us has a role to play in embracing the way analytics/algorithms can augment us, and help us not just do more, but do it differently.

Curiosity is the driver for discovering new options, even when possibilities appear limited; it inspires a sense of purpose, of meaning and drives change. Transformation depends on our curiosity and on each of us asking questions, learning about new possibilities and ensuring we integrate analytics into everything we do.

Your curiosity is the basis for a healthy rate of learning, and lifelong learning will be the driver for personal success in the age of advancing AI.

Only the enlightened, empowered YOU will be redefining the future.

At AX2018 thought leaders will accompany you on the path to understanding the key role that analytics plays in the creative process of innovation.

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