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Training Courses

Increase your SAS® knowledge and gain globally recognized credentials.

Add your choice of courses from our training offer to your agenda. Our courses – taught by certified SAS professionals and renowned education institutions and universities – can be selected during online registration.

Take advantage of this opportunity to enhance your Analytics Experience!

1-day training sessions on October 16

Leading with Analytics
Catherine Truxillo
Director of Advanced Analytics Education, SAS

Catherine Truxillo

Big Data Analytics and Social Mining
Mirco Nanni
Information Science and Technology Institute of the National Research Council (ISTI-CNR)

Mirco Nanni

Fraud Detection Using Descriptive, Predictive and Social Network Analytics
Tim Verdonck
Professor at the Department of Mathematics of KU Leuven, Belgium

Tim Verdonck

Profit Driven Analytics
Wouter Verbeke
Assistant Professor of Business Informatics and Data Analytics at Vrije Universiteit Brussel

Wouter Verbeke

Pre-conference training course
(not included in Conference package)

Applied Analytics Using SAS Enterprise Miner
Karin Gruijs
October 11-13, 3-day English course, SAS offices in Huizen

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