Analytics Conference 2014 Frankfurt

Why should you attend Analytics 2015?

  1. Enhance your company’s analytics culture.
    IT and business executives must lead the organization toward more efficient big data use to improve operational efficiency and customer relationships. At the event, you will learn from international best practices and case studies, listen to inspiring keynote speakers and experience live demos.

  2. Expand your professional network.
    We're talking about more than 500 analytics professionals in one place! That means sharing ideas, enriching your wealth of contacts and generating new business opportunities. Where else can you network on that scale?

  3. Build your analytics skills to stay a step ahead.
    The leap toward big data analytics requires the latest tools, strategies and skills, as well as the introduction of new professional profiles and organizational models. At Analytics 2015, you will attend training courses on all emerging analytics technologies and approaches to get the most useful and business-focused insights on the latest products and trends.

Watch the "3 Reasons to Attend Analytics 2015" video

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