Customer's expectations are changing – we all know it. But never before were they so abrupt as with the global pandemic which made the whole world hold its breath. All of the sudden, the fight for each customer in the digital space became more relevant than ever. Organizations that managed to pivot quickly – succeeded. Many lost the game, but those who understood the new reality – won big. The economies are still shaking from the aftershocks caused by waves of Covid 19, but customers are adjusting very quickly and getting more and more demanding.

The question now is - how to stay ahead of customers' expectations? How can organizations predict their needs when the game is constantly changing? And the answer is that it is not a sprint, it’s a marathon. It is about creating long-term, vivid relationships with the customers, but also making crucial changes within the organization's internal processes. Being vigilant in constantly training and monitoring existing models to be able to predict very volatile customer behavior and offer them relevant and meaningful products. It is about making informed decisions.  Decisions based on data, sparked by the curiosity and exploration​!

What you'll learn: 

  • How social media companies observe the changes in individuals’ lives, how they are ahead of customer expectation, how they prioritize and cope with the changes.
  • Premier results of EXPERIENCE 2030 consumer poll which discover how consumer preferences and behaviors have changed due to the pandemic and how this differs between regions across Central and Eastern Europe, Russia, Middle East and Africa
  • The emergence of agile digital channels for customer interaction and designing the customer experience in the new normal – across industries
  • How and why data needs to be at the forefront of marketing strategy and execution
  • Digital Transformation to adapt to constantly changing consumers’ expectations with advanced decisioning and analytics
  • Use cases by leading industry representatives


09:30 - 09:35 CET


Nurcan B. Arcan

Regional Marketing Director, SAS, CEMEA Region

09:35 - 10:20 CET

Panel Discussion: Customer Experience in the Age of Social Media


Customer experience today has evolved from being merely isolated messages about deals and offers, to deliver a holistic and consistent experience – both online and offline – that customers value and enjoy. With the continuous evolution of technology and dynamic innovation in the industry, expectations of customer experience are constantly on the rise. Although social media was initially used primarily for personal interactions, with their development and growing popularity they’ve become a valuable tool to build a community around brands. Social Media companies are the ones who are ahead of customer expectations and who are using analytics in excellence. They are the first to observe the changes in individuals’ lives. Leading Social Media representatives from the region will share their views on customer expectations, how they position their platforms, prioritize and cope with these changes.


Sarah Utermark

Director Commercial Partnerships Opera South Africa, MMA Global

Antoine Caironi

Head of Revenue, Multi Sectors, Middle East & North Africa, Twitter

Juliette Gilligan

Strategic Partnerships for Commerce, EMEA, Facebook

Sami Moutran

Senior Director Business Marketing and Communications, METAP (TikTok) 

Sepideh Dundon

Senior Channel Partner Lead, LinkedIn

10:20 - 10:35 CET

EXPERIENCE 2030 - Consumer Poll Results –Experience Disrupted:
Is COVID-19 continuing to change customer behavior?

Presenter: Andreas Heiz, EMEA Customer Insight Director, SAS


In February 2021, SAS commissioned a survey to discover how consumer preferences and behaviors in the CEMEA region (Central and Eastern Europe, Russia, Middle East, and Africa) have changed due to the pandemic and how this differs between regions. When you join us, you will have a chance to hear the results of this new survey.

Andreas Heiz

EMEA Customer Insight Director, SAS

Nurcan B. Arcan

Regional Marketing Director, SAS, CEMEA Region

10:35 - 10:50 CET

New normal is a constant change in Digital Marketing


Over the last year, the pandemic has shown in a brutal way how fragile and volatile is what we call reality. Things we were used to disappeared and the whole world stopped. The collapse of the world economy has been announced and many companies struggled to survive as they were not ready to adapt to the new reality – especially those that did not go through the digital transformation which is a key process to add flexibility and agility to the business – and these are words of sir Timothy Clark (CEO of Emirates) stated around 10 years before the pandemic. Because consumers still want to buy goods and services, they order food, buy electronics, even more now than one year ago. The only thing that changed is the contact channel and way of buying things. But that has a lot more importance. Even for the digitally transformed organizations, it appeared that analytical models they were using stopped working, or to be more precise, shown performance deterioration as they have been built using the data that does not show now. It’s because consumers’ behavior changed, new priorities appeared (service convenience instead of price) and the majority of the B2C process chain moved to the digital realm where it’s much easier to adapt to constantly changing consumers’ expectations. And it seems like this constant change is exactly the new normal.

Within the presentation, we will try to explain which are the critical areas on which organizations should pay special attention in order to address this issue, with special regards to digital marketing but also touching areas of advanced decisions and analytics.

Radoslaw Grabiec

Customer Intelligence Solutions Manager, CEMEA, SAS

Celal Kavuklu

Head of Business Development & Technical Sales - Middle East & Africa, SAS

10:50 - 11:00 CET

Coffee Break

11:00 - 11:15 CET

Reimagine Digital: How AI shapes customer engagement


As Covid changed the playing field altogether with a totally new reality around digital customer experience, the way organizations look at AI & Advanced Analytics has shifted from “what” to “how”. How fast can we adapt to changes? How do we ensure uninterrupted digital journeys? How should AI & analytics be designed in a resilient way? Where and why does digital work -or not? In this fireside chat, Yigit Karabag and Margus Simson will discuss the future of the digital journey

Margus Simson

Chief Digital Officer (CDO), Komerční Banka

Yigit Karabag

Regional Director, Customer Advisory, SAS, CEMEA Region

11:15 - 11:30 CET

SberNBA – Hyper Personalization for Unbeatable CX

Sberbank is more than just a bank. It’s an ecosystem. Nowadays Sber is an umbrella brand delivering hundreds of services: food delivery, taxi service, recruiting, media, health care and others. This new business model creates new challenges: how to select an offer relevant to a customer? How to combine different offers to increase a customer lifetime value? How to balance the objectives of different business units? In the fireside chat Yigit Karabag and Anton Vasiliev will discuss SberNBA – a new project to solve these challenges.

Anton Vasiliev

Managing Director, Sberbank Retail

Yigit Karabag

Regional Director, Customer Advisory, SAS, CEMEA Region

11:30 - 11:45 CET

What it means to be a data-driven marketing organization

Curious about the data-driven marketing strategy of Emirates NBD?
What are some of the trends in consumer behavior observed recently by the leading Banking Group in the MENAT region? Expect an inspiring fireside chat with the Chief Marketing Officer, Moadh Bukhash.


Moadh Bukhash

Chief Marketing Officer, Emirates NBD

Nurcan B. Arcan

Regional Marketing Director, SAS, CEMEA Region

11:45 - 12:00 CET

Winning the Moments that Matter:
Right customer, Right message, Right time.


For Insurers this represents even a bigger challenge:

  • What do we know about our customers to connect with them effectively?
  • Who do we want to connect with – to focus on profitable clients?
  • How shall we connect when the customer needs our support?

SAS and Assisto developed a new and smart way of doing this – and in this session, you’ll have a chance to experience this directly!

Alena Tsishchanka

Manager EMEA Industry Business Development, SAS

Jiri Nosal

Consulting Founder and CEO, Assisto

12:00 - 12:30 CET

The Connected Customer In The Digital Age


The way we connect with customers and prospects will be largely led by technology. Smart devices make decisions and AI-driven chatbots and avatars entice us. Artificial intelligence is able to influence preferences and ensure conversion. But how does emotion work in a customer relationship? How can you establish thought leadership in the digital age? What does it take to stay human in this digital age? And how should skills, leadership, and the organization change in order to take Avery to the next digital phase? Are you prepared?

Richard Van Hooijdonk

Trendwatcher & Futurist

12:30 - 12:35 CET



Nurcan B. Arcan

Regional Marketing Director, SAS, CEMEA Region

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EXPERIENCE 2030 - Consumer Poll Results –Experience Disrupted

This survey – using a sample size of 6,000 adults over the age of 18 from CEMEA region (Central and Eastern Europe, Russia, Middle East and Africa)- shows that the consumer that entered the pandemic is not the same customer that exists now, or necessarily the same as the one that will exit the pandemic. People have been exposed to a more digital customer experience, which has proven superior. As a result, low prices and discounts no longer dictate customer behaviour as much as they did previously.

Experience Disrupted: Is Covid-19 Continuing to Change Customer Behaviour?