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Decisioning and hyper-automation in practice

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Gartner believe 75% of credit decision processes will be updated to include AI driven decisions in the next 3 years, while McKinsey predict a $1T a year value of AI in banking. Yet Deloitte’s 2021 AI Dossier shows that many leaders are still questioning how to make the leap from hype to practice, with 74% of organizations still only at the experimentation stage.

Find out how Intelligent hyper automation can deliver seamless interactions, utilising automated intelligent decisioning - in real time, across your organization.

SAS built the AI Bank to show how to help bridge that gap using real world banking narratives. Then we went one step further, we build the AI Bank Garage to provide a co-innovation platform to work directly with you on your challenges.


 AI Bank - a path to intelligent automation within the digital transformation life cycle.
  • Why is automation important
  • What is hyper-automation
  • How can the AI Bank help
  • Going into the garage


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