EMEA Hackathon
in SAS® Viya® 2020

Hackathon in SAS® Viya®


Topic of the Challenge:

Trondheim’s Personal Climate Advisor

By now, most of us recognise that we are in the midst of a climate crisis. We’ve all seen footage of the Amazon rainforest burning, the plastic waste accumulating in the ocean, and the devastation caused by the Australian wildfires.

We recognise the growing urgency to change our ways but, overwhelmed by an overload of choices and a deficiency of information, we aren’t sure what to do or where to start. After all, different people have different values, priorities and preferences - and some choices are more difficult for people in certain life situations to make than they are for others. 

The municipality of Trondheim is committed to making it possible for their citizens to easily make climate-friendly choices in everyday life by 2020. This is directly linked to the 12th of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which aims to ‘ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns.’

In this year’s SAS Nordic Hackathon, we want to use partner data, machine learning and the capabilities of SAS Viya platform to support the municipality of Trondheim in getting closer to realising this goal. 

So, what if we could create a personal climate advisor for each of Trondheim’s citizens that could improve the ease of climate-friendly decision-making?


Click on the Play button below and watch TietoEvry´s contest contribution!

Team Name:


Elisa Elmies
Team Member

Karl Barvik
Team Lead

Marcus Gulli Bergquist
Team Member

Mayur Raghunath Jadhav
Team Member

Mitesh Anil Bhosale 
Team Member

Tanya McCorkle
Team Member

Tony Nguyen
Team Member