EMEA Hackathon
in SAS® Viya® 2020

Hackathon in SAS® Viya®


Topic of the Challenge:

Sustainable everyday economy

In today's cashless society, it may be easier to go wrong with one’s personal finances. According to a survey from SIFO, 1 in 4 Swedish households has difficulty coping with an unforeseen expenditure of 10,000 Swedish Kronor. This means an increased risk for households to become indebted, stressed and experience poor quality of life.

How do the division of the households consumption look like? Do the household manage their everyday economy equal? What is a suitable saving? Can we change habits in a way that makes it more environmentally friendly, equal and financially sustainable?

By analyzing ICA Bank's customer data, we will be able to provide individual advice and guidance for a more sustainable everyday economy for ICA Bank's customers.

Click on the Play button below and watch Knowit´s contest contribution!

Team Name:


Ebba Björklund
Team Lead

Line Marie Vilming
Team Member

Jan Zilstorff
Team Member

Use Case Team Member:


Frida Thomasson 
Team Member

Linus Axelsson
Team Member

Rasmus Persson 
Team Member

Sofia Soläng
Team Member