EMEA Hackathon
in SAS® Viya® 2020

Hackathon in SAS® Viya®

Carve Consulting

Topic of the Challenge:

Sustainable Investment Screening

We at Carve are very much aware that we have the possibility to affect how things are developing, through the work we do and the solutions we implement at our customer’s sites. This was in our minds when we decided for our Hackathon use case:

When major Credit institutions place their investments, they hold a major responsibility and a great opportunity to influent the society both regionally and globally. One of the market leaders within sustainable investments is Nykredit. With the first Nordic Swan labeled investment products and a formal partnership with UN PRI on defining sustainable investments, Nykredit truly take the responsibility very seriously.

But it is a difficult and expensive task, both counted in time and resources, to prioritize investments contributing to the UN Sustainable Development Goals. There exist standards such as GRI, to measure investment prospects and clearing houses who provide the service of screening SDG compliance on known prospects. But serious Capital administrators wants to dig deeper than just the 17 SDG’s. That is – at present – a complex manual task to map deeper on the investment prospects.

We at Carve, in collaboration with the Investment professionals at Nykredit, have embraced the challenge to support the Due Diligence task of investment screening and monitoring with a screening instrument based on the use of unstructured data, advanced analytics and intelligent triage processes. We are working hard these days to develop such an instrument and to create such a mapping to navigate it. We are involving both publically available data, Policy choices provided by Nykredit and advanced technology such as RPA, Text Analytics and ML algorithms in our solution.

We are looking forward to sharing our solution with you.

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Team Name:

Carve Consulting

Mads Krogh Munch Nielsen
Team Lead

Birgitte Kofod Olsen
Team Member

Christoffer Smed Karlog
Team Member

Julie Gerlings
Team Member

Nerusan Indramohan
Team Member