EMEA Hackathon
in SAS® Viya® 2020

Hackathon in SAS® Viya®

Sbi Consulting

Topic of the Challenge:

The quest for life-saving minutes

If you know that in 2018, approximatively 1.500.000 incidents took place in Belgium, this means 170 incidents per hour, or in other words, every minute 3 emergencies. You can imagine that the time to an incident is crucial.

Every minute counts, every minute won may be life-saving.

Because this is so important, a Service Level Agreement (SLA) is agreed between the FPS Public Health and local emergency services: an ambulance should reach 90 percent of the incidents within 15 minutes. 

Localization of emergency services and the number of ambulances allocated to an emergency service play an important role in meeting the agreed service level. 

And it is here that our story begins. 

We designed a tool that simulates a number of scenarios against a history of incidents. And for each scenario the impact of that scenario on the average time to incident is calculated. For example, what will happen if we create a new emergency service in the center of Namur, at the airport of Florennes? Or, what will happen if we shift ambulances from a service with low activities to a service with too few ambulances? 

The results of the simulation are visualized in a SAS Viya dashboard, where you can compare different scenarios and analyze the results from different angles, like municipalities and regions. In the recording that follows, we will show you how the simulation tool was developed and we will end with a demo of the SAS Viya dashboard. 

Let the show(case) begin 😊.

Click on the Play button below and watch SBI Consulting´s contest contribution!

Team Name:


Piet Olivier
Team Lead

Robbe VanBouwel
Technical Leader

Dylan Hendrickx
Marketing Member

Jasper Theunis
Marketing Member

Use Case Team Members:

Etienne Caboni
Team Member

Marleen Van Eygen
Team Member

Joris Mestdagh