EMEA Hackathon
in SAS® Viya® 2020

Hackathon in SAS® Viya®

Dr. Regenold

Topic of the Challenge:

Safeguard public health

In order to safeguard public health, medicines regulatory agencies (e.g EMA, FDA, PMDA, TGA etc.) need ready access to comprehensive data about currently marketed products. This information is used to facilitate rapid response in situations where the health of patients might be at risk (e.g. the recent concerns over products containing valsartan). Data are derived from a wide range of sources, including a variety of document types in different formats and languages. The volume and complexity of data requested by regulators is constantly increasing. 

At present, relevant data about licensed medicines are made available to regulatory databases by pharmaceutical companies through manual upload by human experts. This process is time-consuming and resource intensive. Our aim is to automate information gathering for upload into regulatory databases, thus reducing the burden for industry, while contributing to the safe use of medicines. 

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Team Name:

Dr Regenold GmbH

Andrew Leary
Technical Leader

Haider Ali
Team Member

Juergen Regenold
Technical Leader

Luisa Regenold
Team Member

Muhammad Hamiz Ahmed
Team Member

Rhim Shu
Team Member

Soundarya Palanisamy
Team Leader