EMEA Hackathon
in SAS® Viya® 2020

The Competition

How it Worked

Participant criteria
The Hackathon attracted those who have a talent for analyzing data, a passion and curiosity for discovering answers and a love for predicting outcomes that are hidden in the data. Participants received direct access to the SAS® Viya® in the Azure cloud.

SAS arranged the hackathon competition “Together, we can improve sustainability” in association with Intel. The hackathon was open for SAS partners, in teams with customers and students. We invited partners to demonstrate the value of analytics and open data combined with SAS and open source. Teams united and brought different skill sets from their own organization, with customers and students.

SAS provided the Viya® software in any of the big public cloud vendors – Azure, Google or AWS cloud for easy access. Teams added their creativity, skills and data, and built their sustainability showcase based on SAS advanced analytics software and open source.

SAS offered enablement to each team before the hackathon competition starts. Through a series of webinars, teams met subject matter experts and had the opportunity to explore the product building blocks in the competition.

How we selected the winning team
Each team submitted their video recordings of their use case – 3 and 15 minute videos to be shared on this website. There were two Hackathon competition series: Nordic and EMEA, with one winner from each series.

Our expert panel of jury members evaluated use cases based on:

The winners received a tailored experience at the SAS Executive Briefing Center in Cary, NC.