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Learn about limitless intelligent connectivity at MWC 2020

In the ever-expanding digital economy, connectivity is a pre-requisite. The purpose is always the same, to engage with each other, and to make better decisions. As connectivity reaches new, limitless and more intelligent forms with 5G and virtualized and open networks, the pressure on decision capabilities grows.

Join the SAS team at MWC 2020 and let us help you navigate a better path to the Future of Decisioning. Here are some of the conversations starters we have for you:

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  • Limitless intelligent connectivity: means providing efficient access to connectivity anywhere, anytime, and via any channel by converging AI, big data and the Internet of Things to bring people, ‘things’ and places ever closer together.
  • 5G as the game changer: does the deployment of AI on the edge with 4G technology supersede the need for 5G offering more speed, much larger bandwidth, low latency and higher coverage? Who wins the battle?
  • Benefit from limitless intelligent connectivity: technology allows seamless and safe identification and access. Will people give up that much control and privacy for the sake of this level of connectivity and improved services?
  • Intelligence in customer decision-making: it means analyzing what has happened, assessing the current situation and taking the optimal set of actions to achieve the preferred outcome. It is a continuous effort benefiting from automation with intelligence that needs to be nurtured.
  • Need for security and fraud resilience: technologies underpinning intelligent connectivity have a double-edged nature. They make our lives easier, however, security is vitally important to prevent criminal activity, so they must be designed to be safe against fraud and cyber-attacks.
  • Changing needs: many of the advances projected assume limitless intelligent connectivity where we can combine streaming data and intelligence for a better world. So perhaps limitless intelligent connectivity will become a necessity.


Explore further: visit the SAS Booth in Hall 7F41 where we will be showcasing some of the leading-edge technologies, solutions and services including telco4good, anti-fraud solutions, networking analytics solutions, data governance, the intelligent IoT, and ways to manage risk in various sectors, as well as AI and machine learning. We hope to see you there!

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