eMWC Webinar Series

 “Let Limitless Intelligent Decisioning drive your Business “

On-demand Webinars

Learn how Limitless Intelligent Decisioning can drive your business

SAS prepared an on-demand Webinar Series with presentations and a range of cutting-edge demos to showcase some of our latest technologies, solutions and services for Communications industry.

Here are some of the topics you will listen during the on-demand Webinars:

  • How can AI, big data and IoT be converged to provide limitless intelligent connectivity?
  • Limitless connectivity will result in limitless amounts of data. Data doesn’t drive organizations though. Decisions do! How to get from limitless connectivity to limitless decisioning?
  • In the 5G era, how can AI help in forecasting, planning and managing current and future networks?
  • How can AI and Machine Learning be used to stop the rise in Telco fraud
  • How can companies manage latest regulations on data governance and privacy?
  • How to use analytics to optimize and automate customer journeys?

In this webinar we will present a range of cutting-edge demos to showcase some of our latest technologies, solutions and services. We are looking forward to welcoming you in our ‘eMWC20’ webinar!


Explore further: join our 30 minutes on-demand webinars to learn about our leading-edge technologies, solutions and services including telco4good, anti-fraud solutions, networking analytics solutions, data governance, the intelligent IoT, and ways to manage risk in various sectors, as well as AI and machine learning.

Intelligent Network Assurance Anomalies Prediction

Sasa Crnojevic

Intelligent Subscription and Dealer Fraud

Sundeep Tengur

Intelligent Customer Journey Optimization

Adrian Carr

Intelligent Order Fulfilment Optimization

Gal Reiss

AI Computer
Federica Citterio

SAS Analytics for IoT demo for Telco professionals

Kevin Kalish

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Choice in communications service provision: Why analytics is essential to the ‘network revolution’ in telecoms

Using process mining to improve customer experience in telecoms

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8 ways IoT is redefining the telecommunications ecosystem

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What Customers Are Saying

Bringing artificial intelligence and analytics to the cloud

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