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Adapt to today's challenges and be ready for the future – with confidence

November 24, 2020

Financial ecosystem is undergoing radical change. 
Banks need to be AI-driven organizations that can provide personalized, trusted customer experiences, as well as fulfill their risk and compliance mandates.

Join us to hear experiences, and gain insights from leading banks across Central Europe, Middle East, and Africa. 


Banking Talks

Time (CET)SessionSpeakers
11:20 - 11:25WelcomeMaster of Ceremony: Hana Kvartova, Regional Director for Central Europe, SAS
11:25 - 12:20 Panel Discussion: How do Banks build resilience with better decisions.

Moderator: Alex KwiatkowskiPrincipal Industry Consultant, SAS

Dalibor Šajar, Marketing & Online Distribution Director, MONETA Money Bank (Czech Republic)
Andrey Kuzminykh, Executive Director of Data Science , Sberbank
Stelios Mantas, Customer Analytics & CRM Sector Director, National Bank of Greece

B G K Vikram, Head of Fraud Prevention and Detection, RAKBANK

12:20 - 12:40Real-Time Intelligent Decisions in Banking
Drive real-time interactions and automate operational decisions at scale with AI-driven decisioning
Alex Kwiatkowski
Principal Industry Consultant, SAS
12:40 - 12:45WelcomeMaster of Ceremony: Hana Kvartova, Regional Director for Central Europe, SAS
12:45 - 13:05Hyper personalize your marketing with SAS AI and Machine LearningRadosław Grabiec
Customer Intelligence Solutions Manager, SAS
13:05 - 13:25Business Use Case Presentation: Gamification in the banking loyalty programAndrey Gubanov
Executive Director of Loyalty Programs, Sberbank
*in parallel with FRAUD & AML Session below
13:30 - 13:35WelcomeMaster of Ceremony: Hana Kvartova, Regional Director for Central Europe, SAS
13:35 - 14:25Panel Discussion: Strategic Upgrades in Bank Risk Management during Covid-19
Moderator: Alfonso Asaro, Director, PRMIA Austria
Gáldi GyörgyManaging Director- Loan Approvals, OTP Bank Nyrt
Dimitris Goranitis, Partner, Deloitte Audit S.R.L
Anselmo MarmotiGlobal Head Risk Business Consulting, SAS
Matěj Stránský, Tribe Leader of Risk Services Tribe, Komerční Banka (Societe Generale)
Amit Tyagi, Chief Risk Officer, Eradah Capital
14:25 - 14:45Early Warning System & Pre-delinquency Analysis During Pandemic & Beyond  Francesco Consolati
Director of Finance & Risk, SAS
14:45 - 15:10Stress Testing & Scenario Analysis Business Use Case presentationRoberto Russo, Chief Risk Officer, Banca Progetto
Valentina Franchini, Credit Risk Manager, Banca Progetto
FRAUD & AML Session
*in parallel with RISK MANAGEMENT Session above
13:30 -13:35WelcomeMaster of Ceremony: Grozdana MarićHead Fraud& Security Intelligence, SAS
13:35 - 14:30​Panel Discussion: Facing the Banking Fraud Reality

Moderator: Grozdana MarićHead Fraud& Security Intelligence, SAS

Nicholas Palmer, Vice President Global Business, Group-IB, a Global Cyber Security Company
Nischal Mewalall, CEO, South African Banking Risk Information Centre
Ankush Duggal, VP Franchise Customer Engagement & Performance, Mastercard

Sonny Luypaert, President Board of Directors, ACFE Belgium
Toufik Charrat, Group Head of Operational & Fraud Risk Management and Quality Assurance, Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank (ADIB)

14:30 - 14:50Business Use Case presentation: Why Getin Noble Bank is Implementing a Holistic Anti-Fraud System?Wojciech Oświeciński
Anti-fraud Strategy Team Manager, Getin Noble Bank
14:50- 15:10Combating Financial Crime with a Collaborative Approach: The New Paradigm for Transactions Monitoring Eric Malherbe
Regulatory Compliance Solutions Expert, SAS
15:10 -15:35Business Use Case presentation: Leveraging Artificial Intelligence to Improve Transaction Monitoring
Imre Homoki
Financial Crime Advisor, Consortix

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