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What is the Artificial Intelligence of Things?

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  • Read the Quality 4.0 Impact and Strategy Handbook, an e-book that explores how advanced technology, analytics and the IIoT can strengthen manufacturing and bring it into the digital age.
  • Experience The IoT Ecosystem: Driving Success Through the Power of Collaboration, which brings together a diverse panel of experts from across the IoT ecosystem to share insights and practical advice in videos, reports and more.
  • Visit to learn more about our artificial intelligence solutions and about the emerging topic of the Artificial Intelligence of Things.
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SAS is pleased to be a Diamond Sponsor of IoT Solutions World Congress

The premier international IoT conference that brings together experts, influential IoT thought leaders and technology solution providers.

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Build smart. Deliver smart. Service smart. It’s the new mandate. The good news is that it’s more possible now than ever.

As Industry 4.0 fires on all cylinders, technology is revolutionizing every aspect of nearly every industry. Powered by advanced analytics and ideas that once seemed impossible – cloud computing, robotics, artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things – the world as we know it is undergoing its greatest changes in a century.

Join us at the IoT Solutions World Congress to learn how the latest innovations in IoT technologies can help organisations in manufacturing, transportation, retail, energy and more:

  • Extract insights from IoT data, regardless of volume, velocity or variety.
  • Use those insights to make sound decisions and take action quickly, even in real time.
  • Create and sustain greater value from IoT data and initiatives.
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Meet some of our IoT ecosystem partners at our booth C317

Partnerships are essential to IoT success. No single vendor can help you move from the Internet of Things to the Intelligence of Things. Experience firsthand how collaboration, innovation and co-creation alongside our expert partners provides the expertise, technology and insights you need from your IoT initiatives.

Learn More about our Partner Presentations:

J. Glen Rundell


J. Glen Rundell
President, Advanced Information Management, Inc.

Experience the power of artificial intelligence (AI) at the edge along with predictive analytics in the cloud and how they are revolutionizing Cold Chain Logistics. In this demo, SAS and Advanced Info Management (AIM) will showcase how IoT edge devices installed with SAS Event Stream Processing on temperature-controlled trucks perform analytics, in real time, on streaming data to make automated decisions in milliseconds, send alert notifications and provide greater visibility into all aspects of shipping.

Nuno Delgado


Nuno Delgado
Senior Consultant, CGI TI Portugal

The Internet of Things leads a new age of connectivity and mobility and is disrupting our businesses and changing our day to day life. This tangible demo showcases materialized IoT technologies on a journey from the physical to the digital world, how they mirror their own reality and how SAS technologies can help them create value from IoT.


Paulo Pereira


Paulo Pereira 
Kinetic Solutions Architect – IoT

In this demo, attendees will learn how Cisco IoT data fabric (Cisco Kinetic) and SAS Analytics for IoT give you complete access to and control over your own data so that you can ensure the right people have the right data, exactly when they need it.


Scott Nelson

GE Transportation

Scott Nelson
Product Manager, EdgeLINC
Ed Abbas 
Engineering Technical Lead

To enable smarter and safer decisions, rail systems need to enable real-time data streams to be analyzed right at the edge of the network. In this demo, SAS and GE Transportation will demonstrate how an enterprise Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) platform can harness the power of edge analytics to drive improved outcomes for high value mobile assets, with a focus on improving operational safety in rail systems. By leveraging data across the rail network, on-board devices use SAS® Event Stream Processing to process data in real-time, to enable new insights and improved decisioning.

Ed Abbas

Neil Dellison

Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Neil Dallison
Global Business Development Manager, IoT & Edge Systems
Philippe Vettori
Solution Architect – Edge Computing

Transformer monitoring can be the first line of defense for ensuring grid reliability. However, retrofitting transformers to make the grid smart requires placement and connection of many sensors in substations. IR imaging systems can monitor wide areas of the substation without invasively adding sensors to monitor performance breakdown from things like bushing/insulation failures. HPE and SAS will show how IR cameras can monitor transformer temperatures for wear and proper operation.


Philippe Vettori

Chetan Gadgil


Chetan Gadgil
Senior Director, Intel IoT Group, Intel Corporation

Artificial “intelligence” can beat humans at certain specialized tasks, and the list keeps growing. The age of AI is in its early days and much innovation is yet to come, but the accuracy, flexibility and scalability of these approaches compound the benefits of AI across many applications and markets. Building AI applications that can be applied anywhere, and not just the cloud environment, is hard to accomplish due to the lack of end to end, development to deployment tools and optimized runtime environments.

Intel® OpenVINO, partnering with advanced AI solution vendors like SAS, fulfills this need and provides hardware optimized runtime environments for your deep learning applications. Immediately available to deploy into various environments, these AI-ready, Intel® IoT RfP Ready Kits provide a wide range of choices in terms of power, performance and cost. This presentation will demonstrate the steps involved in deploying a complete AI application, at the IoT edge.


Learn more about the IoT Solutions World Congress – review the agenda, read the FAQs and more.

AIM Advanced Information Management
GE Transportation logo in blue
Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Man with Virtual Reality Goggles

Join us in the booth for this mixed reality presentation:

SAS Analytics in Action

See SAS analytics in action with a holographic mixed reality presentation of a motherboard manufacturing line. This demo shows the process of making a motherboard and how SAS analytics increases yields. SAS IoT for manufacturing is used to merge thousands of product, machine sensor and process physics attributes and then apply powerful analytics for quality and throughput improvement. With SAS Event Stream Processing, the massive volumes of streaming data can be distilled and analyzed in real time to prevent costly failures. By using mixed reality technology, you can see the analytics in the context of the fabrication.


Featured Sessions

Oliver Schabenberger

Keynote: AI & Cognitive Systems Forum

Artificial Intelligence of Things: From Insights to Intelligence in a Connected World

16/10/2018 | 16:25 - 17:10 | Auditorium

Oliver Schabenberger, PhD
Executive Vice President, Chief Operating Officer and Chief Technology Officer, SAS
Michael Berndorfer
Head of Analytics, Siemens MindSphere

During this session, participants will hear from the leader in advanced analytics, SAS, as Dr. Oliver Schabenberger opens his session with a discussion around the Artificial Intelligence of Things. He will discuss how our world is increasingly driven by data and connectivity – and how we have only seen the tip of the iceberg. The technologies with which we operate in this new economy must be increasingly intelligent and automated. Artificial intelligence plus IoT is the combination that will drive us forward.

He will then be joined on stage by Michael Berndorfer from Siemens MindSphere, an open Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) solution, that connects real things to the digital world through Siemens and opens doors for a rich partner ecosystem. In this portion of the session, they will discuss the value of the IoT partner ecosystem and the importance of analytics in the IoT lifecycle.


Michael Berndorfer

Jason Mann

Connected Transport

Intelligent Traffic Infrastructure

Jason Mann
Vice President of IoT,
Marcus Zwick
Head of Innovative Mobility Solutions,
Siemens Mobility

An optimized transport system supported by autonomous driving vehicles will help master the future of mobility, and an IoT-enabled infrastructure will enhance traffic efficiency, improve safety and achieve complete automation. Join Marcus Zwick, Head of Innovative Mobility Solutions at Siemens Mobility, and Jason Mann, VP of IoT at SAS as they discuss their joint technology, intelligent traffic infrastructure and other IoT challenges on the horizon.


Marcus Zwick

Learn more about the IoT Solutions World Congress – review the agenda, read the FAQs and more.

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